I’m going to go into something here, even at the risk of sounding absurd. I promise you, I’m not an alarmist nor am I the type to jump to extremes.  But something extreme is currently happening in the United States, and is echoed across much of Europe as well.Donald Trump has been elected president of the United States. Sure, fine, it’s embarrassing, absurd and dangerous that we’ve elected someone so buffoonish and deeply unqualified, but this alone is not why I’m so alarmed....more

How To Say Thank You to Elected Officials

Listen, people who are way better at this than I am are writing you speeches and letter drafts and collecting the phone numbers for you to dial and all this great organizational stuff for making complaints and asking your representatives, senators, mayors, police chiefs, and so on to make the right decisions to protect us.That’s the number one priority and it’s insanely important, and before you do anything I’m going to talk about in this article, you need to do those things first.  Save those numbers in your phone.  Call every day until the requests are met....more

To Everyone Who Just Had Their Heart Broken For the First Time

I’m so sorry.I’m sorry, because I know what this feels like.  The moment you realize the world isn’t really on your side.  The moment you’ve been devastated to find that every value you hold is fragile, and that your rights and freedoms cannot be taken for granted.  The first time you feel truly afraid–afraid you or someone you love might come to harm, or that you might lose something precious....more

Where Do We Go From Here?

Wow.  Right?  I think it’s fair to say that all of us who didn’t support Trump have been reeling the last couple days.  Some of us, in varying degrees, have been dealing with anger, sadness, and fear.  Some of us have been protesting, some of us have been endlessly scrolling through Twitter and the news and anything else we can pick through to find answers–anything to try to sort out what the fuck happened, and what the fuck we’re going to do.  And some of us have been quiet, not sure yet what to do or say or think or feel....more

From where I stand: Raja Shahwan

 Crossposted from UN Women.   Raja Shahwan. Photo: UN Women/Ezz Zannoun ...more

On Megyn Kelly

Look, Megyn Kelly and I are two very different women as far as political beliefs go.  Not only do we hold opposing views on a whole lot of hot issues, I would never in a million years consider working for Fox News and it’s hard for me to understand how a respectable reporter such as she could do it.But....more

The News Lately Has Been Cray, Am I Right?

I’ve been kind of quiet lately, as you may have noticed (let’s be real, you probably didn’t even notice).Why, you ask? (let’s be real, you probably didn’t even ask)...more

Women political leaders take the initiative in Moldova

Crossposted from UN Women. “At university when I presented myself as a Roma, my colleagues’ facial expressions changed. One teacher even asked, why I had come to the university instead of getting married, as Roma girls do,” says Diana Leahu, a 20-year-old Roma woman from Orhei, a city 48 km north of Moldova’s capital Chișinău. ...more

New Trump Debate Demands Create Challenges, Opportunity

Networks planning to host presidential debates are scrambling to meet Donald Trump's latest demands that they "level the playing field." Initially, some journalists balked, calling the demands "unreasonable," but after a brief negotiating session with Trump, Network Debate Coordinator Eldridge Lickspittle acknowledged that the candidate's arguments won out. ...more

What Is Aleppo?

IntroductionGary Johnson, the 2016 Libertarian presidential candidate, is in the news recently for asking “what is Aleppo?” when asked what he would do about Aleppo if he were president.The media, and the internet, stirred up what I’m now calling a twitstorm over this. And reasonably so, given that the crisis in Aleppo and in Syria as a whole is an enormous problem and one the U.S. has been laboring over their role in for years now....more