A Lesson in Democracy

I was wrong, and I’m thrilled about it.As I explained earlier this week, I am always wrong about my political predictions.  I am as shocked at everyone else that Great Britain chose to leave the European Union and take back its nation.  And today I raise a cheer for democracy.The word “democracy” hails from the Greek root demos, meaning “people.”  That is what’s so great about national referenda like the one that occurred in Britain on Thursday.  The people, not the politicos, get to decide....more

A senseless tragedy that should never have happened - RIP Jo Cox MP

What happened to MP Jo Cox last Thursday left me in deep shock. There are many things about her death I'm struggling to come to terms with. Not only was it an horrific act of brutality, it left two young children without a mother, a husband without a wife and a family without their daughter and sister....more


Don’t plotz. I’m going to say something nice about Donald Trump. I am. Are you ready? On your mark, get set: Donald Trump has done something good for America, and for that he deserves something nice said about him.What has he done? Donald Trump has gotten America, and each and every American who cares about our great Republic to take a good, hard, honest look at the problems that have been plaguing our great nation for too long, and the people who have been running our government.Is Donald Trump a mensch?...more
I liked the article.  I think you are right.  I just posted one on celebrities leaving because ...more

Oh, Hillary! I Want to Like You, But...

Hillary, Hillary, Hillary… oh, Hillary. Oh, I want to love you. Oh, I want to support you. Oh, I want a woman in the White House, oh, oh, oh, but, Hillary, I just ain’t feeling it this political season, oh, oh, oh. And it’s driving me oh so crazy, so crazy that thoughts of what’s wrong with your presidential campaign woke me up in the middle of the night last night. ...more
Sadly for HRC, many do. It will be interesting to see if the resistance to her sustains itself ...more

Are Great Ratings Key to Running The Country? You Bet They Are!

Smart businesses know that perception is everything – so do smart politicians. And with news sites becoming less substance and (alarmingly) partisan, offering angles better suited for the entertainment sites they compete with, successful politicians know that an exceptional online presence is key to getting elected today. So are ratings. Donald Trump has both.Let’s talk ratings for a moment, and what drives those ratings: word of mouth. You know it’s the best marketing bang for your buck, and if you don’t, you’re new to the game....more

Why We Should Challenge Politicians' Thoughts And Prayers After The San Bernadino Shooting

In the wake of the horrific mass shooting in Southern California Wednesday, politicians took to Twitter to let their constituents know the victims and survivors weren't far from their thoughts. It's the normal, decent thing to do when something as terrible as this happens. As the nation mourns, we should see that our elected leaders have their hearts in the right place. ...more
I don't think that prayer "shaming" is doing any good. I refuse to believe that good will from ...more

Sorry is No Longer Enough

I’m one of those voters who used to be known as a “bleeding heart liberal.”  Despite the fact that the world’s gone insane, I am unable to harden my heart to the pain suffered by others here in the United States and around the world as the result of senseless tragedy.When I was young, it was the downing of Korean Airlines Flight 007.  Five years later, it was Pan Am Flight 003, known as the Lockerbie air disaster.  The former has been attributed to remnants of the Cold War, the latter to international terrorism....more

Bernie and Donald

A couple of weekends ago, while out to lunch with some of the family, my teenaged niece mused that she really ought to pay more attention to politics.  My guess is that she’s hearing a lot about the upcoming U.S. presidential election.  It would be hard not to, even though it is still a year away.  I smiled and nodded, unwilling to admit my own ignorance on the subject....more

Leader of the Free World

This was written in response to today’s NaBloPoMo prompt: What did you think was the coolest job in the world when you were younger? Do you still feel that way now? ...more
NainaParis  Exactly.  From our teenage years on society does try to make us choose just one ...more

1 Simple Way To Prevent Gun Violence

Listen, this blog's usually about eating disorders and body image, but you all know I'm not afraid to get political.  I am starting a gofundme campaign to donate to the Brady Campaign, a gun control lobby.  I am sick of hearing about gun violence deaths, and I am well aware that the problem is bigger than just guns, but this ain't a bad place to start.  If I had the money, I'd donate 10,000.  But I don't, so collectively, I figure we do....more