Can tech turn out the vote in 2016?

Until 2012, only unions had the army to turn out votes and money. Then a Freshman Senator from Illinois named Barack Obama changed the rules. He raised more money than the unions could provide and he formed his army of millennial for the votes....more

Rob Ford: Mayor of Addiction

Toronto mayor Rob Ford has been a fun headline joke:-        A full-time job for Rob: Minister of Denial! -       Rehabing #peakbatshit!-       Ford’s follies: The mini-series! Yep, it’s tempting. Everybody’s doing it. Ford’s buffoonery invites us. But really, addiction is no laughing matter....more


MY POLITICALLY INCORRECT VIEW ON POLITICS….You know the old saying “friends and politics don’t mix….” is probably so true…..I have always believed that……I have seen so many friendships fall by the wayside over the discussion of politics and religion……So many people who would have otherwise had a great relationship allowed it to be destroyed over opposing views….I simply wonder if it is worth it……...more

Laramie, AZ

 A lot gets by me.I'm a writer. I live in my head. And my pajamas....more

How to delete a post?

How does one delete a post on BlogHer without having to just type over an old post?  ...more

Thinking about JFK

Today is the 50th anniversary of the day that John Fitzgerald Kennedy was assassinated in Dallas. I was just a toddler on that day, so I don't remember it first-hand, but I’ve been thinking about that time a lot lately. 11/22/63...more

Why Do we Plebians keep blaming the Super-rich? Because, Dammit, They're to Blame

Post #8 - NaBloPoMo.(Note:  I wrote this post for my liberal opinion blog, Ramona's Voices.  If you're not into liberal opinion you might want to skip this one!  Back to normal tomorrow--with no promise, however, that this won't happen again) ...more
constantcommoner Thanks!! I really like readers but google shut down it's service, I'll have to ...more

Government Shut Down? ... Continued

Government Shut Down?  ... Continued We have the best government that money can buy.   ~Mark TwainFinishing where I left off... Government Shut Down? Not Completely...more

Tea Party Takeover: Holding Our Government Hostage by Erinn Rochelle

 I tried to wait....more

Bill de Blasio is Apparently Racist

Bill de Blasio is ruining American politics. Never in American history has a politician used his *gasp* family to gather votes. Not once has a politician used such a nefarious trick to paint himself as a family man, to gain favor with his constituents. Wait, what's that, Google Image Search?...more