Sorry is No Longer Enough

I’m one of those voters who used to be known as a “bleeding heart liberal.”  Despite the fact that the world’s gone insane, I am unable to harden my heart to the pain suffered by others here in the United States and around the world as the result of senseless tragedy.When I was young, it was the downing of Korean Airlines Flight 007.  Five years later, it was Pan Am Flight 003, known as the Lockerbie air disaster.  The former has been attributed to remnants of the Cold War, the latter to international terrorism....more

Bernie and Donald

A couple of weekends ago, while out to lunch with some of the family, my teenaged niece mused that she really ought to pay more attention to politics.  My guess is that she’s hearing a lot about the upcoming U.S. presidential election.  It would be hard not to, even though it is still a year away.  I smiled and nodded, unwilling to admit my own ignorance on the subject....more

Leader of the Free World

This was written in response to today’s NaBloPoMo prompt: What did you think was the coolest job in the world when you were younger? Do you still feel that way now? ...more
NainaParis  Exactly.  From our teenage years on society does try to make us choose just one ...more

1 Simple Way To Prevent Gun Violence

Listen, this blog's usually about eating disorders and body image, but you all know I'm not afraid to get political.  I am starting a gofundme campaign to donate to the Brady Campaign, a gun control lobby.  I am sick of hearing about gun violence deaths, and I am well aware that the problem is bigger than just guns, but this ain't a bad place to start.  If I had the money, I'd donate 10,000.  But I don't, so collectively, I figure we do....more

My Newest Mommy Blog - Mommy Politics

Hello!I am so excited to start my very first political blog. You won't find perfect prose or outstanding investigative reporting here, only my own musings from a mama in Kentucky....more
Looking forward to reading your posts!more

Winning is Just the Beginning

Olympians and politicians have a lot in common.  They are heroes to some, reviled by others.  They have their sex and doping scandals.  They have their spectacular wins and their crushing defeats.  They toil in obscurity for years and make a lot of money when they finally succeed....more

Conservative or Liberal: How To Stay Friends When You are Total Opposites

I have to admit I am conservative in my views on issues in general and very proud of it. I am open to other's viewpoints, and yet I value my own. I simply cannot stand "wishy washy" people; they are the worst kind of people to be around, always changing their minds like the direction of the wind or changing their opinion to please whomever comes into the room. I have many friends who are liberals. They have their opinions and I have mine, and yet, we seem to get along. How is that so? How is it that we can stay friends when we have such opposite views?...more
constantcommoner It would be such a boring, dangerous world if we all believed the same way. ...more

Review: Russell Brand’s Revolution

What does it mean to live a charmed life? Russell Brand wasn’t alone in thinking that fame, money, sex, and drugs were the keys to unlocking happiness and contentment. He had everything that our society tells us we should want. He had (and still has) it all. But now, he’s using his fame to communicate that our desires and moral compass have been corrupted....more
Russel does have a dilema - should he stand for election to persuade change or is he better ...more

#WhyIDidn'tVote: What Millennials Are Really Saying About the Midterms

Still reeling from the huge Republican sweep in the midterm elections, I got hit with yet another bizarre reality of the election. I heard on MTV, "78.7 % of Millennials did not vote in the 2014 midterm elections." Responding to what clearly had to be erroneous information, I found myself yelling at the TV, "Wait, what? Did I just hear that right? (chuckling) That just can't be true..." ...more
BlogHerNews Thank you for adding this to the conversation of #Millennials and #Politicsmore

TOO MUCH CHATTER......I Would Rather Hear My Own Self THINK....."I Think...."

Too Much Chatter.....Too Much TV....Too Much News.....and simply too many early morning radio shows.......This morning I was driving home from dropping my child off at school and I turned on the radio.....Every single channel I went to had a Morning Radio Show....talking Political Events, How to lose weight, Celeb talk, trash talk...and just about any thing you could think of......It was simply too much information for me to absorb at 7:30am with my first cup of coffee in hand.........more