Women Benefit by Linked Fate Perception

A recent study conducted by the American Sociological Association has concluded that unmarried women are more politically cohesive and more concerned about the status of women and women’s rights (they look at life through the lens of linked fate perception) than their married or widowed counterparts........more

NOT GRANDMA'S WORLD....Times Have Changed......Get Used to It...

"This is not Kansas Dorthy...." or in other words this is not "Grandma's World..." Our world is changing and so rather than deny it we better start figuring out a positive way to navigate through all the changes......Yes, there are good changes, but even good changes bring along bad changes with it.......and bad changes can bring along good changes ultimately.....but it is in that "in between time" that things can be most difficult......Our world is changing for sure and we better get used to it.......more

Let’s sue the President! Because, why not, we’ve got nothing better to do!

So several news outlets are reporting that Mr. Boehner is galvanizing a movement to sue President Obama.  One here from the Washington Post and BBC chimed in as well....more


 Sometimes people's idea of patriotism baffles me. You can be patriotic and love your country and still question the actions of our government. But some people believe their views must be congruent with what the government does - no exception. Or they think being patriotic means a dislike for other countries. But I disagree. We are a global society and we happen to have a country that we are proud of. ...more