Facebook, Teleseminars and Xmas Wishes

Balancing Our Time Online

As a woman who juggles a writing career, two businesses, a family and a needy husband, my time online is very balanced between what I do and read. I choose reading smaller articles even if that means I need to click on links to obtain further information or be led to the sites or products they are talking about. I choose reading smaller articles online so I can write my articles, browse through hundreds of emails, read other job offers, and manage a business site or two. ...more

What appliances can you not live without?

We have been hanging all of our laundry out to dry ever since June, when we had the unfortunate wet- sneakers- in- the- dryer incident. ...more

I agree with Sassymonkey. Living without a fridge would be such a major ordeal. Right now our ...more

New Survey Says Moms Shut OUt of Health Care Reform Debate

Moms make the majority of health care decisions for American consumers, but many feel health care policy makers are ignoring them, according to a new nationwide survey completed this week. ...more

Sleep: Are you tired all the time?

We all know that in order to be healthy (and happy) we need to get enough sleep. But still, most of us either don't get enough sleep or our quality of sleep is lacking. Let face it, if you're a mom you probably don't get enough sleep. If you work you probably don't get enough sleep. If you worry, you probably don't get enough sleep. And if you're a mom who works and also worries, you may have already forgotten what it means to get a good night's sleep. ...more

After several years of not getting enough, I will forgo lots of things to get my sleep.  ...more

Internet Over Sex and TV? What would you Choose?

I work at Intel, and this week we released the results of a survey about how dependent we've become on the Internet. One result that was fun (and surprising to some) was the fact that nearly half of women and 30 percent of men would rather go without sex for 2 weeks than give up Internet access for the same amount of time. The Internet also ranked highest as the item most folks "can't live without" - above other discretionary items like cable TV or even a gym membership! ...more

TV lost me years before the Internet. I check in once in a while but I like user generated ...more

What Attracts You to a Blog?

As a new member of BlogHer, I've been scrolling through the 'food & drink' blogs (there are lots!) to get acquainted with the community and I had a light bulb moment when I realized I was clicking off quickly on some and lingering on others. So my question to you, is what attracts you to a blog. Let's assume the subject/theme is a given...what keeps you there and makes you want to go back? I found design was big factor. I didn't seem to have the interest to linger or subscribe on to blogs on black or dark pages and blogs that were too wordy was another turn off. ...more

Inspired by Hope

I was so inspired by many of the women that I met at BlogHer. One of the women really impacted my thoughts. Krysten from Hope Revo had an idea... and it got legs! I sent out a poll and a plea, or rather a call to action. "Hope" you vote and act: http://asksugarjones.blogspot.com/2008/07/revolution-called-hope.html ...more