Poll: "Can everyone sing??"

I posted a poll on Facebook, asking "Do you believe that Everyone can sing?" Here are the results: 100% believe that everyone can sing. 75% believe that NOT everyone can sing ON PITCH. And we all agree that not everyone is an artist. Would you believe me when I tell you that I've found most pitch problems to be caused by improper breathing/support, and that all my clients improve in this area once they start supporting?!!! True! PLEASE ADD YOUR COMMENTS HERE ON BLOGHER! WHAT DO YOU THINK? "CAN EVERYONE SING?"...more

What's Sarah Up to Now?

I'll betcha Sarah Palin's mother had to ask that question often when she was a child: What's Sarah up to now? ...more


I am a good person to call if you are taking a poll. I will usually answer all of your questions honestly and concisely. And I think general polls are a good thing, as I have mentioned on my blog before, if I don't tell them how I like something, how will they know to do it my way? ...more

Behavioral Research

After learning experimental design, and statistical analysis, oh, and actually doing ‘research’ and publishing, I can pick apart many a journal article, good as any other with my credentials and as well as many with less credential. These days experimental design is taught to school children. Ever judge a science fair? ...more

Does Obama's Race Matter to You?

As a teenager during the dark days of segregation in the Deep South, I worked on the staff for a girls’ church camp outside Tampa, Florida. The Church that year had seized the initiative, taking to heart the concept of universal love, and integrated the camp staff. Three young black women from Mississippi joined our staff that summer. Only if you lived during that time period will you readily understand why they came from Mississippi. Their names were unknown outside the camp, so . ...more

Presidential polls after debate

Much-anticipated first presidential debate between John McCain and Barack Obama on Friday, September 26th, appears to have helped Obama slightly widen a lead over his Republican opponent by 4-5 points according to by voter polls conducted by news sources, with 49% voter support compared to 44% voter support for McCain. Of course, the selection of sources for this kind of market research is really critical in being able to truly justify that the lead by 4-5% is indeed ...more

Palin Helping Swing State Numbers

About a week ago, I described in one of my comments about a conversation with my lifelong Republican mom who lives in SW Virginia which had me picking my jaw up off of the floor in disbelief. ...more

NAFTA: Where do the Candidates Stand?

From what I can see, NAFTA has been incredibly unfair to Canadians. It's not that I don't think that we should have trade agreements, but they should be revisited from time to time. I think that our next leader should do everything within his or her power to renegotiate NAFTA. Apparently, I'm not alone in this conviction. According to an Angus Reid poll (from July 22 of this year), 52% of Canadians feel the same way. ...more

Driving is not a good time to write, especially on your cell phone

Nine out of ten (89 percent) of American adults believe that sending text messages or emails while driving is distracting, dangerous, and should be outlawed, according to a new survey commissioned by mobile messaging service Pinger, Inc. and conducted by Harris Interactive(R). Similar numbers (91 percent) of adults thought that drivers distracted by sending text messages or mobile email were just as dangerous as drivers who had a couple of drinks. ...more