Week Wrap-Up- June 21st, 2013

(Sunbathing, while grooming on the rocks.)It will probably be another working weekend but I have to keep on hustling....more

Hilex Poly: Plastic Bag Exec Speaks to Debate

To the average consumer, Hilex Poly, a manufacturer and recycler of plastic bags and other products, is relatively unknown, but to anti-plastic activists, the company is generally loathed. Their lawsuit against Chico Bags, makers of reusable bags, did not help....more
What continues to confound me is that we're arguing about dismally low numbers in terms of ...more

Pick Up America: Coast-to-Coast Cleanup

A few weeks ago, hours after attending my own going away party in Denver, Colorado, I came upon a young man standing outside a bus, asking, "Want a tour?" I thought he was offering to drive us around Denver and show us all the places that Elway or Tebow may have slept but he meant a tour of the bus itself, Due West. We came aboard and quickly realized that this was no ordinary bus and these ambitious young folks, Mark and Liz, were no ordinary bus dwellers....more
This is a very exciting project. I'm so glad you are doing it. It inspires me to keep picking up ...more

Go Green and Save Money

I’ve been trying to find different ways for my family to be more 'green' but the main issue is that being green can sometimes cost a lot more.  So, I went looking for ways to be both nice to the environment and nice to my wallet.  Let’s be honest, most of the population isn’t going to change their lifestyle if it is going to cost more. I’ve come up with five easy changes that will not only help reduce excess waste but also save the average family a decent amount of money each year....more
There are always something we can do for our environment and our own good. Reducing the usage of ...more

A Mother's Day Question: What Do You Have in Common with Your Daughter...or Your Own Mother?

The words, “You look just like your mother!” have taken on new meaning in the chemical age in which we live....more

Take out the Triclosan!

What is Triclosan? Basically it is an anti-fungal and antibacterial agent used in many products. Why do I want triclosan  out of our products?...more

New link between autism and traffic pollution

A new study published in the journal "Environmental Health Perspectives" shows that children who live near a freeway (not just a major road) have double the risk of autism....more

Worth it? Why tide is not cool

 What’s so bad about laundry detergents anyway? Why bother buying a green detergent? A few things that are  not cool about conventional detergents:...more

Your kids need to know!

We all know that teaching our kids to be polite and respect other people is pretty important. What about teaching our kids to respect the earth, how many parents make this a priority?...more

Listen to David Suzuki! (why I hate water bottles)

Last night my husband was making his lunch and getting his things ready for work in the morning. I noticed he had a plastic water bottle, so like a good wife would, I started to rant (a little) about how bad plastic water bottles are. If you have tried this method before you might have found that ranting, complaining or otherwise bi*ching really is not an effective way of getting a point across. I’ll try a different approach this time and present him with research (I’m so tricky!)....more