The Perfect Champagne Cocktail

Pomegranate and Champagne Cocktail...more

Pomegranate Yogurt Dressing

 Pomegranate Yogurt DressingHearty dinner salad with turkey, almonds, cranberries, apples and a creamy pomegranate yogurt dressing. Served with crackers, goat cheese and fig jam....more

The Original Panna Cotta With Pomegranate & White Wine Syrup

Panna Cotta, which means ‘cooked cream’, originates from Italy and is a lighter, more jelly-like and less sweeter version of its denser cousin – the mousse. The most authentic form of Panna Cotta is the original vanilla flavour, cooked simply with cream, milk, sugar and vanilla seeds....more

Can You Guess the Liquid Lifesaver?

If you guessed pomegranate juice you would be right.  A new study published in Nutrition Journal found drinking only a half cup of pomegranate juice three or more times per week for at least a year has the power to reduce blood pressure and lower triglycerides....more

Salad with avocado, baked feta and pomegranate seeds

I don't have a very long post this time, because frankly, this salad has it all. From creamy avocado to the salty feta, counter parted by the sweet tangy pomegranate seeds. Plus it's an absolute beauty to look at, with those vibrant colours. It makes for a festive entree when you're having people over, or an indulging lunch when you're home alone....more

How to open a pomegranate.*

Let’s get the serious business out of the way.My apologies if the following video blog (I just can’t use the word vlog with a straight face.) embarrasses Yotam Ottolenghi and Sami Tamimi. They visited the Chatelaine kitchen several weeks ago and while making a salad, opened a pomegranate in a blink or two of an eye. With a few deft smacks of a wooden spoon Tamimi emptied the pomegranate and my world was rocked. Not to put an ûber-dramatic spin on things….but WOW. I still can’t believe how much time I used to waste fighting with this fruit....more

Lemon Pomegranate Cookies

I don't know about you, but I'm so over summer. My least favorite season, with its triple digit heat and unusually active biting bugs, is finally coming to an end. I'm also excited and beyond ready for pumpkin spice lattes, totes of Honeycrisp apples, the return of my favorite TV shows (hello Boardwalk Empire and 2 Broke Girls!), watercolored leaves, and fall-flavored treats up the wazoo.There's only one problem. It's not quite fall yet....more
 @kandy57  Hi Kandy! When baked immediately (and gently mixed!), the seeds stay pretty well ...more

“Nutritionist, Keri Glassman’s health plan for the best whole you”

By: Becky The Sugar and Add A Little More Spice!...more


Kale is a wonderful anti-cancer superfood.  In studies, kale has been shown to reduce rates of breast cancer.   There are several different types of kale.  The types I use most often are curly kale and Lacinato (also called dinosaur kale, Tuscan kale, or black cabbage)...more

How to Conquer a Pomegranate

One of the fruit stars of the winter season is the pomegranate, which yields dozens of jewel-toned seeds that provide a delicious and healthy burst of flavor to a wide range of dishes. It’s the perfect, healthy antidote to the cold days of winter. But pomegranates can be a bit tricky to deal with—their bright red juice stains what it touches, and they require a bit of care to open them and extract their edible seeds. Here are some tips on how to deal with this seasonal delight—don’t miss them while they’re available!...more
@cdnkaro I'm so glad our timing was excellent! Good luck getting out those delicious seeds. :-) more