Beach Bag Essentials

Summer is all about laying out by the pool or the beach, for hours on end, soaking up the summer sun. It is also all about being prepared for anything so you don’t have to run back home and interrupt your tanning time. T2B’s Summer Bag Checklist is the perfect way to stay organized and comfortable during your pool/beach time.  1. Oversized Beach Bag2. Beach Towel3. Sunglasses4. A good read5. Strong Sunscreen6. Coconut Water- hydration is key when you’re in the heat...more

DIY Stencilled Cinderblock Pool Umbrella Planters

I love my pool. My kids love our pool. None of us love sunburns. Sure we use sunscreen—lots of it—but shade is also helpful. Alas, my dreamy pool that we all love had none. ...more
z umbrella n blocks luks so goodmore

Starfish Swim School and the Five Points of Panic

The boys are learning to swim. They’ve been water babies since their first dunking in the NICU tub the size of a legal pad of paper. Destroy has recently taken to attempting the breaststroke in the bathtub (when not soaking everything and everyone in his hurricane path). Legend has it, Search turned down popsicles in Summer School in favor of water play.So naturally, being mother of the year, Safety First!Our budding little Michael Phelps and Ryan Lochte got signed up for swim lessons....more

The Evolving Pool

TThe pool is finally filled in and top soil was delivered.     Hmm  - soil is supposed to be brown and have living organisms in it.    We found many items in the soil; sticks, stones, plastic, bricks, landscape cloth, chunks of wood and some other indistinguishable items.   Lu...more

Painting a Door - Not Your Average Paint Job

Hope you all had a great weekend.  Now that the nice weather is here, we are spending more and more time out by the pool.  One of the best things we ever did was build a pool house next to the pool with a small kitchenette and bathroom....more

Turn That Frown Upside Down

Okay I'm talking to myself here. I try to be positive but I woke up in shock that the weekend was already over! I'm trying to shake of the Monday blues.     Yesterday was super hot in Boston but a perfect pool day!...more

I planted seeds would these things grow?

Blog Directory Lately since we've had great weather it seems like everything's growing extra fast: My hair , my backyard's weeds ...more

The Lazy Days of Summer

It’s Memorial Day Weekend, a time to celebrate those who have served our country, spend time with family, barbeque, and hit the pool for the first time. For me, it has always marked the beginning of summer....more

If I don't have my head on straight this is why...

Blog Directory ....I got convinced to drink >2 (what were they called(S)?) after pacing up and down a job fair in ...The fans i...more

I am Barbie, hear me roar!

I am an American woman – not a baby boomer, not a Gen Xer -- I am of the Playskool generation. I learned long ago I am of the generation that began to play with mass produced, mass marketed toys designed to teach and encourage packaged imagination. I remember one of my top five toys as a child was my Playskool Schoolhouse. I always found it odd they chose to misspell "skool" in a series of learning toys.  It came with magnetic alphabet letters and a pop out metallic roof....more