Let's Get This Potty Started!

It was like magic. Seriously. Yesterday, C and I were slouching on our couch in a state of post-work exhaustion. I was fighting back a wave of nausea, and C was trying to shake off the day’s nonsense with a bottle of lager....more
Woooo Hoooo!  So fun to read this tonight because this afternoon my little girl decided she ...more

Ghost Poopy

After a rousing Saturday night including catching up on reruns, and calling our parents, Nick and I headed to bed early. We snuggled in and both got out our kindles to read when we smelled it.N: Oh come on! You farted! S: Um. No! No way! That was NOT me! Don’t blame that on me! N: It wasn’t me! S: Then what?We look at each other, then both jump out of bed, turn on our bedside lamps and pull back all the covers. After an exhaustive search of our blankets, our sheets, our pillows & pillow cases we found…absolutely nothing. The smell was also gone....more

My Delicate Little Flower

We have been having some issues with Tilly keeping her pants on (daddy is praying this issue is long gone by high school). The theory is, per the pediatrician, that she has had such tummy issues over the last few months that she gets upset when there is anything in her diaper.  In any case, if I keep her busy throughout the day I can pretty much guarantee she will now keep her pants on in public. This is big, as she has dropped her drawers in many public places. Our current issue is nap time....more

An ode to poop

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Would you drink this coffee?

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Poop Used To Be Funny

I grew up with two older brothers, so conversations about poop were pretty much a given at the dinner table....more

Are You There, God? It's Me, Jo.

Now while I'm a big believer in God, and I feel His work must be perfect and holy and righteous and all that nonsense, I can't help but sometimes think, "You know what, Pal? I could have planned this shit a hell of a lot better than You. No offense, Jesus."Let's think this through for a second....more

Two Times the Poop

I thought when potty training came into play that I was pretty well prepared.  I always have spare clothes, wet wipes, toilet paper and a port-a-potty with me.  I’ve even taken the potty to the pool and football games.  Who cares about crappy looks from other people (like that play on words here) but they obviously never potty trained twins.  Anyway what I didn’t realize was what I was going to do when they had to go at the same time....more

Everybody Poops

(as posted on http://southernfriedchildren.blogspot.com) There is something about having a kid that makes a parent want to talk about poop. Size, color, consistency, volume, frequency - it's all up for discussion. It consumes us when they're newborns (in fact, the hospital required me to keep a log of baby's bowel movements. A log.), and toilet training inspires us to post updates in the most public of forums. How many Facebook statuses have I seen regarding someone's kid pooping in the potty? Too many. It is the primary source for preschool humor, and a strange object of pride....more

Poop Hand

Well my girls are finally potty trained and I figured all would be right with the world until I realized how difficult teaching to wipe a poopy butt would be. EWWWW Seriously could someone please write a book to prepare us weak stomached Mothers about all this nastiness? I thought I was lucky when I heard the many horror stories of kids that poop in the tub and with twins we made it almost 3 years with only one accident. That was nasty to clean up. Sorry hubby that I left it for you!....read the rest at www.new2two.com please:) ...more