Back To The Beginning

When I think back to the beginning I can still sort of remember my natural hair color. Almost.I was eighteen years old, and full of hope for my future acting career in New York City.I just knew it wouldn't be long before an agent or director plucked me from the crowd of unknowns and made me a star.If I can make it here I can make it anywhere right?Well who'd have thought it would be so effing hard to make it here! Christ!I had moved to the big city from the small city completely unarmed in life skills and short on money....more

Hungry for a Cause: The Hunger Challenge Gets Under Way for Third Year

For the third year in a row, the San Francisco Food Bank has launched the Hunger Challenge, a week-long opportunity for bloggers and others to walk in the shoes of America’s hungry. The challenge: Eat for $4 per day per person, the current amount of the food stamp benefit provided to recipients. ...more

I definitely don't think I'd buy raspberries on that kind of budget -- and yes -- it's amazing ...more

The countdown to millions of Americans being Jailed for no good reason

Ok. here is how the senate bill is reading as far as I can tell:According to page 324, section 1501 of Senate Health Care bill, starting in 2014, anyone not buying “qualifying” health insurance will be penalized with the below:...more

Charity: Do Your Gifts Make Recipients Feel Loved or Judged?

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Parent's Bailout

Am I the only one out there feeling left out? Seriously. First the housing cooperation, then the auto cooperation and what is next: all of the credit cooperation in general? What about the parent cooperation, when is our turn, that is the question burning on my mind. Is it me or is the cost of everything going up from diapers to toys? We so wanted to be those responsible parents that bought our kid organic, healthy food but that stuff is so expensive we gave that up first. Did you see CBS news tonight? ...more

Yeah right? You think they could, oh I don't know, spare a few hundred K out of the millions ...more


Flew to San Francisco Thursday on American Airlines. It's been a while so I'd forgotten about that lovely "class" system where the word "economy" means, "maybe if you'd worked a little HARDER, we wouldn't HAVE to treat you this way." I wasn't in the airport five minutes when it became quite clear to me that someone at American had gotten a hold of the balance in my checking account because when I attempted to board the escalator to get to the security area, I was immediately told, ...more

It just goes to show you. Never judge a book by it's cover.  more

Getting Rich off the Working Poor

There's money to be made on America's working poor, and some U.S. companies are seizing the chance, according to a BusinessWeek article. The article offers an in-depth look at how businesses tap into the weaknesses of the working poor--they want goods and services, but aren't educated about the best way to get them. Several eye-opening vignettes demonstrate the truly dire straits of some working poor. ...more