defining religion

Living in West Africa means that I'm a little out of the loop as far as media is concerned. We watch movies, but not local TV.  I did, however, notice something on facebook yesterday....more

Why do I need to prove there's no God, shouldn't you have to prove there is!

Let me first start by saying I have came to no final conclusion on whether there is a God or not. What I have came to the conclusion that there is no one true religion. My issue is with some religious people in America who feel it is the unbelievers job to prove that the God they worship and praise does not exist....more

Pop Goes the Church

 Is it just me, or is anyone else bothered when the sacred tries too hard to be cool when embracing the secular, especially in trying to attract youth?  I think I started feeling that way about 13 years ago when I watched a neighbor’s video of her church youth choir, or I should say, megachurch youth choir. There were hundreds of teens onstage, swaying back and forth to a funky beat and singing (or would it be rapping?), “You down wit G.O.D.?...more