Even the Pope Speaks Out About Social Networks

In a document entitled, "Truth, Proclamation and Authenticity of Life in the Digital Age," Pope Benedict XVI addresses social media. I read the document fully expecting to find an antediluvian response to technology and was quite surprised to find a statement that had me nodding my head in agreement. Let me give you a few quotes that may surprise you. ...more
Very interesting article. I enjoyed reading the Pope's views and am interested to see the ...more

The Pope and Sex Scandals: The Damage Can't Be Underestimated

Many Roman Catholics are upset, hurt, angry, disappointed. And when they look to the Vatican for leadership, many feel that Pope Benedict has not fared well. ...more

The Catholic Church Continues to Ignore the Issues: Earthquake Devestation of Haiti 2010

    High in the "Ivory Tower" on Wednesday, Pope Benedict commanded immediate orders that the Roman Catholic Church Charity Network assist in the aide of those suffering from the devastating effects of the earthquake in Haiti.     Today, I woke up struggling to make it to Church on time. My car, as always had a little trouble starting. After driving around the block for 10 minutes I decided she would make it to Church....more

Pope Benedict XVI says OK to married priests

There is one hitch. You have to be a disgruntled Anglican who has left the Episcopal church because you object to either women and/or gay/lesbian people in the priesthood. Then, it is OK if you are already married. Let me explain. ...more

Thanks for your comment - I just figure that what anyone says about what God does and doesn't ...more

Bennie and the Hets

Last week, a Portuguese Roman Catholic Bishop by the name of Manuel Clemente said something that we don't often hear from high-ranking Catholics. Speaking to journalists, he said that people with AIDS must use condoms to prevent the spread of the disease. Condoms are "not only recommendable," he said, "they can be ethically obligatory." ...more