God Speed Pope Benedict XVI

God Speed Pope Benedict XVI...more

Gandolfo, Italy: Where Pope Benedict is Headed For Vacation

In light of Pope Benedict XVI's recent retirement, I thought I would dust this post off. Gandolfo is where Pope Benedict is headed today, for a much needed vacation. I was a little nervous about today's nine hour excursion, about my ability to do it.  The excursion guide said it was the equivalent of 1800 yards, but it was more like 1800 miles.  Just kidding, it wasn't that far, but it was a lot of walk, and a lot of walk at an incline which really makes my back twitch and complain.  ...more
How thoughtful of you to repost these beautiful photos for all of us to enjoy.  No doubt the ...more

Are Fertility Treatments A Sin?

According to Pope Benedict XVI, conception is limited to the conjugal act between a husband and wife and artificial procreation is a social sin. What does your conscience dictate? Are fertility treatments a sin? ...more
@avflox My conscience dictates that the Vatican can kiss my f'ing ass! And I'm male. Fuck 'em!!!more