I am not cool; I am a parent

Take a deep breath and revert back to your 15-year-old self for just a moment. Are you there? Now, think about your parents when you were 15. Were they cool? Probably not. And that is a good thing....more

I survived being unpopular

We moved several times in my childhood, which meant that I had to start over in a new school several times. Although I did my best to fit in, I never made long-term friends this way. I can't really say, "We've been friends since childhood," about anyone. I had friends for a few years, tried to stay in touch, but we always lost each other along the path of growing up....more

More than Autocorrect

"Mom, omg I think my iPod is possessed." I was putting Katrina to sleep last night when my phone lit up with that iMessage from Hannah. Before I could answer her, another message filled with pink hearts, a picture of a phone, and a dancing couple came in. Then almost immediately, another one filled with numbers and jumbled up letters. And another filled with monkeys who see and hear no evil, a couple aliens, and some flames. The nervous giggles from the living room started....more

Playground Politics? Really.

I am not an A-list blogger/social network updater.I’ve always been more than just a little bit quirky and nerdy, and I still am. I don’t care. I’ve never been cool. Not then, not now. I don’t care. (much)In my Reader/friend list/etc. are people whose writing I read regularly. Are they A-listers? I don’t know. I don’t care, either. They are people I like, and even love, with blogs/updates/etc. I find interesting....more
You are A-list in my books! I came across a post over the weekend about turning off the comments ...more

Who Owns Who? Thoughts on Grand Rapids

I just stumbled across a link to the destined-to-be-viral Grand Rapids LipDub of Don McLean's American Pie.(An article about why 3,000+ people came out to make this video, here.) ...more

I was curious about it and someplace in the 4th minute I understood about just what they have ...more

The Popularity Contest

by Lianne Castelino www.whereparentstalk.com It is an interesting study.  Why are so many kids, especially tween and teens, interested in being part of the "in crowd" or "popular group".  Does it have any cachet or is it merely a means of feeling secure and loved?  And what about those kids who are not considered 'popular'?  Are they held to a lesser standing than their counterparts?  If so, by who and why? ...more

Any Chinese Girl Bloggers Here?

Hello! I am Fauna and I write a blog called chinaSMACK. I heard about BlogHer from another website and have joined here. I think a website about woman helping woman is a great idea but there is not a lot of Chinese people here so far. Maybe that will change in the future? ...more

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