A Post In Two Parts

Part one: If I never read the word "breastfeeding" again, it will be way too soon for me.(having said that, I'm about to use the word about a fafillion times in this post)...more

Middle School's Velvet Ropes

As if a middle school dance doesn’t already hold the potential to be the most awkward, angst-ridden place on the planet, The Boy’s otherwise very fine school this week will add a “VIP lounge” to the Spring Dance festivities madness....more

The Disability Truth

You’ve come a long way with me. You know that I’m profoundly deaf, often silly, and unfailingly clumsy. You might also know that I lipread and I speak clearly. This puts me in a rare category that many do not know how to handle.Do I just talk directly at her?Do I get a pen, a notepad?Do I raise my voice?Do I whisper and mime?...more
Dana, I am glad you can see how much parenting plays into this!  We are responsible for teaching ...more

Ten Years Out

Do you go to your class reunions? I’ve gone to only one of mine—the ten year one. When the invitation arrived, I set it aside without much thought; I’d kept in touch with a good number of my classmates, so I felt no burning desire to attend. But then the phone started ringing. One by one, a network of old friends reached out to see who was planning to go, most taking the attitude of “Well, if you go, I’ll go.” The calls went on until there was a big circle of maybes, and then finally we decided to just do it....more

Lack of a Well Defined Purpose?

On my way home from dropping my son off at the train station I saw the most interesting sight.  Actually have seen this before once with a swarm of beesand even fish ...more

The Party: Popular Is As Popular Does

I sit, sweaty and dusty, arms aching from push-ups and tricep dips.  I really did not want to go; after driving sullen, surly Almost-Teen to school this morning (she missed the bus--again) it was nearly nine o'clock and the sun was already burning hotly.  But yesterday involved no cardiac exertion or strength-building activity, unless you count lifting a hefty toddler (not mine) or chasing a venturesome cockroach around the dining room, ready to crush it with a box full of wine openers.  Skipping another day meant no justifying a Nutella-slathered brownie later so on went my ...more

On Blogging, Popularity Contests & Why I QUIT!

Last night I received an email telling me I'm up for the Circle of Moms Top 25 Mental Wellness Blogs. You'd think that would make me happy, but it didn't really. In fact, I immediately felt sad once I understood what was involved. ...more

The Popularity Contest

by Lianne Castelino www.whereparentstalk.com It is an interesting study.  Why are so many kids, especially tween and teens, interested in being part of the "in crowd" or "popular group".  Does it have any cachet or is it merely a means of feeling secure and loved?  And what about those kids who are not considered 'popular'?  Are they held to a lesser standing than their counterparts?  If so, by who and why? ...more

The Business of Blogging

“Oh, wow. I cannot believe this…. Dooce emailed me back.” “Who?” “Freakin’ Dooce. I emailed her something, and she responded.” “Who’s that?” “You know, she’s like a celebrity…” “In the blogging world.” ...more

I am a serial lurker.  I read a lot of blogs through google ...more