When Should You Talk to Your Children About Pornography?

When I was eight years old, my friend Annie told me about a movie she saw at home. She described scenes of a naked woman riding a horse and a man peeing in a woman's mouth. Many (many) years later, I realized Annie had watched one of her father's porn videos. (Is this a "Sorry, Mom" moment? I don't know.) As countless comedians have pointed out, porn is so much easier to come across these days—both for adults and children. So, because of that, we need to be able to talk to our children about it....more
I started watching softcore porn in kindergarten. It's because I had a TV in my bedroom. I ...more

Not safe for work

A naked woman stared at me from the computer.I fumbled with the mouse until the cursor reached the "x." The attachment closed. I glanced around, relieved to find the adjacent cubicles empty. I gazed at the email attempting to parse the message:How about thisThere was no punctuation to help me decode the sender's intent....more

Why Is It Harder to Suspend Disbelief When We Watch Porn?

Going to a play or movie almost always involves some suspension of disbelief but the same is not true for porn. For whatever reason, audiences want to believe the people they're watching are attracted to each other (even if only on a physical level) and do truly orgasm. Why is that? It's not like people watch Dexter and say, "this sucks! He's not really killing people!" ...more
I think this is a good question, and actually a pretty important one. Thanks for the post. Long ...more

A problem with porn...

 Maybe the issue isn't all about him...http://www.dotheimprobable.com/2012/01/so-you-got-problem-with-porn.html ...more

Porn on a Plane: How To Deal With Awkward In-Flight Situations

You squeeze into your row and settle in, your favorite guilty-pleasure magazine in hand. But no sooner have you taken off, leaned back and started to disappear into the article in your hands that an image catches your eye in the monitor of the person immediately beside you. Oh, dear Lord. The person next to you has plans for in-flight relaxation, too, but unfortunately for you, these plans involve watching porn. What do you do? ...more
Wow!  People are a never ending source of amazement!  But if there are wild public porn ...more

The Great Sex Addiction Epidemic

The Sex Epidemic. Those are the words Newsweek used to headline an article about sexual addiction. While the piece does a decent job of describing hypersexuality -- thereby destroying the ability of those caught red handed to claim sex addiction as a way to get off scot-free -- it discredits itself by being so quick to point to the internet as a main cause of the problem. ...more
Fascinating blog! Your depiction is attention-grabbing. Thanks for sharing your valued vision. ...more

Marriages & Affairs - Part 1

 Marriages that do not include “Transparency & Intimacy” are susceptible to infidelity. An affair is a sexual relationship between two people outside of marriage! An affair can also be an emotional attachment. Be it physical or emotional there is a transference that occurs. The spouse has opted to seek someone outside of the marriage to meet their physical or emotional needs!...more


Kristin's boyfriend "lost" his phone and the nude photo she sent him for his birthday went viral to the whole football team. The super-friendly stranger at the mall wants you to work for him or her as a “model.”  Marie-Christine's boyfriend who was just having some fun with a video camera.   The circle of your "so-called" friends are ratting out your nude pictures to your school....more

Before He Told Me

Part 2 of a series, “Once More With Feeling” I slept on the couch last night - again.  “Slept” would be the wrong word.  More like, I tossed back and forth for hours until I finally passed out from exhaustion.  Like most nights, I was so uneasy, so tortured, I couldn’t sleep.  I didn’t want to lie in the bed next to Geoff.  I can’t replay even one more night the loneliness and the rejection I feel each time he pulls away at the slightest brush of my arm to his in our bed.  He reacts as if my touch is physically painful for him. I think I’ve been...more

You know, one of my readers made the assumption it was fiction, but I never confirmed that one ...more

Lights, Camera, NO Action!

As I hurriedly raked through the closet, grabbing my belongings, I accidentally tipped over a box that belonged to my soon-to-be ex-husband. Porn showered down over me. It was the reason my three and a half year marriage was over....more

Thanks for your thoughts ladies. I do need to clarify that this is not my personal story. This ...more