Sign of the Times

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Flight Entertainment

Hello friends! I am somewhere over the ocean on my way to NYC.I have really surprised myself during this flight. You see, I am a very experienced flyer and I know exactly how a transatlantic flight should go:- I know exactly how to pack my luggage to ensure I travel only with a carry on (checking luggage in means you have to spend at least an hour more at the airport)....more

You Are What You Think

Every day I want you to give yourself 1 compliment, so that by the end of the 21 days you should have 21 compliments. They can be visual or internal, just make sure that you’re writing them down. I want to see and hear about them, so please write them in the comments box below. ...more

I don't know if anyone other than the two of us are taking this challenge but we're up to Day ...more