Move over McDonalds! MoCo Mommies want healthy choices!

I love my babies so much and like so many moms (especially my MoCo MD mommies!), I just want to provide my little ones with the very best, especially when it comes to the food that goes into those tiny, adorable bellies! Sorry, McDonalds! I might have grown up on your happy meals, but they just aren't going to make the cut for my little ones....more

Second Helpings

 Last night, I did it again.  I took a second helping of the black bean soup and rice I made, instead of staying with one.  I felt satisfied before, but I just reached out for more.  Some would say, “Enjoy yourself!”; some would say, “Control yourself!”...more

Erin's Daily Eats Day 1

Hey there everyone, ...more
I like CalorieKing. It is my favorite because I can add foods that might not be on the list.  I ...more

Portion Control Tools In Your Kitchen

There are tools available that can help you manage your daily calorie intake, by keeping portion control on track. Use these to make sure that you reach your body-shape goals. 1. A food scale- Available at large chain superstores, cooking stores, and on the internet....more

Eating As Art

No matter what you put on your plate, it should be done with intent. ...more

The Miracle of Pricey Eats

I pay about $8/gallon for milk. I pay around $15 for a roasting chicken. I buy NY strip steaks that cost $16 each.  I can see you getting all bug-eyed as you read this.  There was a woman who used to stop by when Steve, my Hinsdale hook-up for farm-fresh meat, sold meat from my driveway in the off-season.  She came by on occasion just to look.  Her husband "wouldn't let" her buy such expensive meat.  "A pig is a pig is a pig," he insisted.I know that I pay a helluva lot more for the dairy, meat and produce we eat than other families with similar family incomes. No matter.  My food budget is probably the same my neighbor’s.How can that be?...more

Not all of our ingredients are quality ingredients. Some are. Are we more conscious of how we ...more

Diet portions of regular food or the regular portions of diet food?   While prepping for my adventures in dieting, like most things in my OCD-filled life, I have created a huge database of recipes and food items that are weight watcher friendly. I am definitely a snacker and living downtown is equivalent to torture considering all of the amazing food finds....more

Let' Them Eat Cake, But Only Really Good Cake

I admit it. I love cake and I have a sweet tooth. Probably why I found Gaffigan's comedy routine on cake so funny (see yesterday's blog: Let Them Eat Cake). But, I must admit, as I get older and as the pounds get harder and harder to take off, I have higher standards about what I will overindulge in. NWTC is my new mantra on a lot of frankly substandard food. Not Worth The Calories. If I try something new and decide it isn't truly delicious. I declare it NWTC and drop the fork. I also remove it from my presence or remove myself from its presence. ...more

You Say Tomato and I Say Don't Wait-O

Okay, so now the Chip-punks in my yard are really ticking me off. It is bad enough that they have built an impressive underground network of tunnels that would frankly make Osama Bin Laden jealous. Now they have decided to sample our just ripened tomatoes. That is right sample. If they ate the whole darn tomato, I think I would be less angry. Instead, they leave the tomatoes, with one bite taken out of them, hanging on the vine, as a gruesome reminder that we should have picked them last night even though they were a shade under truly ripe. ...more

Eating Healthy for the Holidays

Now that Thanksgiving is right around the corner, many people think the time between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day is the time period in which we are supposed to “eat, drink and be merry!” Well, I don’t drink, I do eat, and I like to think of “being merry” as an everyday pursuit. One woman’s opinion. However, overeating and over-indulging are very much a part of the “Holiday Season.” ...more