Is Williams-Sonoma's Agrarian Brand the Real "Portlandia"?

Who needs Portlandia when we have Williams-Sonoma Agriarian? The urban DIY sustainability movement comes painfully close to self-parody with Williams-Sonoma's new Agrarian line of tools and supplies....more
Ouch, I resemble that remark! For my defense, if it were not for Williams-Sonoma and its shiny ...more

Back from Portland

Well, phooey....I was disappointed with the new show of Portlandia tonight. After being so excited all week to think we would be able to watch it in real time this Friday, the first Friday we've been home without other obligations, I was disappointed.The whole first season that is currently available for streaming on NetFlix is great. And the clips that I've been able to find on YouTube, I've really enjoyed. The ones I've included in blog post are now classics, but the show I saw tonight just didn't hit me at all. And it doesn't take much for me to get a laugh....more Yes, it would be the perfect time to go, but can't! We've just used our ...more

Portlandia Returns With Even More Hilarity

A year ago, a glimpse into the goings on of the 21st Century Pacific Northwest was viewed. And with this glance came hilarity....more I will totally check out that post later when my daughter is asleep. And ...more