Portobello Pizza

I have this problem. It’s a pretty common problem. This problem doesn’t make me special. It’s not unique and, it’s certainly not a cool problem like having to decide between the Bahamas and Paris for your vacation destination. You ready for it?I really, really, really like junk food.There, I said it....more

Smoky Southwest Portobello Burger with Sundried Tomato-Adobo Spread

This is not just any portobello burger. It's very flavorful, with just a wee bit of smoky spice, thanks to the goat cheese spread. My hubby dreamed about this the night after I made it. ...more

How to Buy Your Mushrooms and Eat Them Too: Portobello Rafts with Spanish Quinoa

If you’ve ever run into us at the grocery story, I don’t blame you for thinking that my little J loves mushrooms. It would be a totally acceptable belief given the evidence: J sitting in the cart with a blue styro package of pre-washed sliced mushrooms on his lap as he happily chows down on slice after slice of tasteless white shroom....more