Seeing the Good, Even Through Loss

When I was young, I was told and I believed that "everything happens for a reason."That is bullshit. Things do not happen for a reason. We assign meaning to things to help make sense of them. And the truth is, there can be good that comes after pretty much everything. If you're a silver linings kind of person.I am. I am the ultimate optimist, guilty of always looking for and seeing the good in people....more

Supporting the Self Esteem of Others

    Recently, I was sitting with a friend and telling her all about a job interview I had just had. I was talking about how well it went and how much I enjoy the people, and when she asks, "So, do you think you got the job?" I replied with, "Sure I do. I get every job I've interviewed for over the past 10 years." ...more

Very good call. A lot of the time humor can save a situation. In the end I don't want my ...more

Heart Music: 30 Minutes of Calming Tunes A Day Reduces Blood Pressure

Scientists from the University of Florence in Italy report that listening to classical, Celtic or Indian music for just 30 minutes a day for a month can significantly reduce blood pressure. ...more