The One Thing All Self-Critical Parents Need

The other night my 12-year-old son woke me FOUR times in the night. At 4 a.m. , when he last appeared in my doorway, I believe I said “WTF? Are you for real here? You are making me crazy!!” Not so mindful or thoughtful. I was just exhausted and frustrated. I marched him back to his room and collapsed on his bed only to get up at 6 a.m. to get all three kids ready for school. ...more
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“Logical” Consequences

What exactly are “logical” consequences? For that matter what are“natural” consequences? And what’s the difference? Before we begin to define and differentiate these terms, we first need to clarify the purpose of consequences....more

Helping Kids Take Responsibility: Or, Who Owns The Problem?

Parents often struggle with getting children to take initiative or responsibility. Chores and school work are probably the two most common complaints I hear from parents. These situations can lead parents to become overly involved in attempts to make the child take responsibility. It seems the more the parent tries to gain the child’s cooperation, the less willing they become....more

Sometimes “Less” is “More”

Parenting can be a challenging experience for most parents. Because we’re the “parent” We often feel like we should have all the answers when it comes to raising our children. And when we don’t have the answer, we may be compelled to say, “…because I said so!” We may feel as though we have to do something when our authority is challenged and correct the child....more

Why you are your mother

Somewhere in the ever-growing list of apologies to my Mother, I am making a point. (It's subtle, but it's there.) The point is that my Mom knew what she was doing when she was raising me and that she showed me lots of love and support every day. Those are just a few of the reasons I find myself incorporating some of the things she did into my own parenting style....more

Too Much Research? Giving My Heart A Chance

My toddler screams. Loudly. It’s a new trick, and something I definitely want to discourage. I pondered over it briefly and then sat down and got to work reading my go-to experts; Nurshable, Janet Lansbury, Dr....more
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Ideas to Positively encourage your Children on a daily basis!

 Elizabeth McQueen is an experienced pre/primary school teacher, with over 45 years experience succesfully motivating little learners, and these are her ideas!1. Give them a hug for no apparent reason. Just HUG them!2. Smile at them often.3. Allow them to help you. This makes it easier when you want to help them!...more
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Does your child complain a lot? Here's an idea how to change that behavior:

IT SEEMS MY 7-YEAR OLD DAUGHTER COMPLAINS A LOT JUST FOR THE SAKE OF COMPLAINING. HOW CAN WE STOP IT?photocreditDR. RUTHERFORD: Let's talk about some positive behavior modification strategies that this parent can put to use immediately to change this behavior....more

Teaching manners to our kids - what are the basics?

HOW DO YOU HELP CHILDREN WHO DON’T NATURALLY HAVE SOCIAL SKILLS TO DEVELOP THEM?photocreditMOLLY: This question came from a mom in Michigan. She added that her son is an introverted child, very smart but having trouble with manners and social skills....more

See what happens when you are nice to people

 At Walmart with my son last week picking up the rest of his party stuff as he is bouncing everywhere and using his VERY good imagination as he “shoots zombies” and hides behind my cart and others carts (oh yes we are those people that others frown upon in stores for my kid being just that… a kid)...more
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