He'll be OK!

I have a friend who has a son who is 18 and in his final year at school. He has just received an offer from a university, conditional upon him gaining an A,B,C in his A levels (the final year of  secondary school in the UK). This is a truly remarkable thing. You may think it's not that remarkable as you will know that students all over the country will be receiving offers and some will have more difficult obstacles to overcome in terms of grade requirements. But this is an amazing achievement for this young man....more

See it … Say it! The right kind of praise does build self-esteem.

Recently it seems that every major publication has had an article about praising children: too much praise, not enough praise, or the wrong kind of praise.  The Atlantic recently published a piece by Eleanor Barkhorn called Lavishing Kids with Praise Can Make Them Feel Bad about Themselves.  Ms Barkhorn, we think, correctly asserts that there is too much of the wrong kind of praise – what she would call inflated praise....more

Why Every Parent Needs A Segregation Policy

Now that I’ve got your attention, let’s talk segregation.  Sibling segregation, that is.  I love each of my children equally, but right now I just don’t love them TOGETHER.  It’s the Bickersons at my house every day, every night.  They just can’t seem to get along.  It’s pick, pick, pick by my daughter until she gets a rise out of her brother.  It’s a bossy boots brother screaming at his sister to not touch his stuff an...more

A New Battle Has Emerged During Dinner and It's Not About Food

My 6-year old daughter is controlling the family dinner table. What can I do?...more

How to Parent During the Terrible Twos

I’ve been getting really frustrated with my 2-year old and how he always says “No!” to whatever I suggest. And all of the tantrums! I'm finding it hard to stay calm. What’s the best approach to use?photocredit...more

25 Ways to Prevent a Meltdown

I don't know about you, but if I can prevent tantrums and meltdowns, I will do everything in my power to do so. I would much rather prevent one than listen or hold space for one, and I never ignore my child when she's in distress. So here are twenty five ways to prevent a tantrum. These are all things I've done successfully with my daughter to avoid her losing it. And come to think of it, they also help me feel better! Enjoy!1)    Sing a song2)    Dance around3)    Put on a funny hat...more

Top Ten Tips: Parenting Young Children

 Let's face it, parenting is probably the hardest thing a human being can do. It's also the one thing people get the most uppity about, as it is a direct personal reflection of ourselves. Everything our kid does and says can and usually will come back to us, and that's pretty scary. I've managed to weather the storm of parenting fears and expectations by learning (or rather, stumbling upon) these ten tips that have literally saved my life, my soul, and greatly helped my child in her first 4 years of life. ...more
I like some of these quick one liners. It took me years to understand -- and accept -- that ...more

How to be patient in 10 seconds

“You’re not playing with me!”Her right foot was poised to throw a front kick at her big sister’s back.I saw it from the corner of my eye but I wasn’t quick enough to block it.Good thing the little one was, well, little, her kick hardly moved her big sister in place. I don’t think she even felt it.But that still didn’t make it right.I was controlled enough to keep my mouth shut but my hand involuntarily slammed my table....more

Want to be patient? Close your eyes

I am on all fours on the black gym mat, waiting for the yoga instructor’s next cue. I’m imagining I’m a table with delicate cup on my back.I must balance or it will fall apart.“Now raise your right arm straight in front of you, and your left leg straight behind you. Both should be parallel to your body,” he says.Now I’m a table with a flying arm and leg. It sounds relatively easy and yet I am wobbling, trying to find my balance....more