Can Films Teach Positive Role Models To Kids?

How many times have you seen films where the protagonist is male? More than I can count on my fingers. How many female protagonists have been featured in films? Not enough. I was inspired to write about this topic after hearing a segment of TED Talks where the topic was "How Movies Teach Manhood". The speaker, Colin Stokes (previously stage & screen actor, currently Director of Communications for Citizen Schools) spoke about the inequity of role models for kids. ...more

When "Porn" Becomes Positive and Empowering Rather Than Negative and Degrading

When I first showed a former colleague some of the re-visioned porn I write about in my book, his response was: "But this isn't porn! It's film!" Others have since reacted the same way and many have asked me, "Why do you keep calling it porn? Why not call it 'erotic' or 'explicit,' 'adult' or 'sensual,' or whatever, just not 'porn'? You're going to turn people away from your work," they would warn me. So why do I insist on using the "porn" word? ...more