Happiness Depends on Perception

Even on bleak days, there are certain facts that I stand on. I am alive, healthy, not living on the street but in a large old, quirky house, with acres of gardens, trees and meadows. I am still married after almost 35 years with 9 healthy, successful adult kids and 5 grandkids.  I am loved by my family and God, even if I drive them crazy with my eccentricity. I have a computer, two hands with all my fingers to type...more

How to Stay Positive While Job-Hunting

Like many cities, Washington D.C. is a place where one’s job title can define his or her success. In the digital age, we all still carry business cards with our titles. Romantic meet-ups begin with “So, where do you work?” As a single woman, it’s easy to become bogged down in the stress of living up to the expectation of a successful career in lieu of a significant other and children. This stress was magnified when I found myself unemployed in a city that puts so much value on what you do and not who you are. ...more
Dead on. Sometimes, too, you have to make your own opportunities where you can. I've been an ...more


Don't you find when you are reading a book on a certain topic it starts to change your every day behaviour? For example, 6 or 7 years ago I was reading a book about spirituality and how to conserve personal energy. While reading the book, I began to notice how much personal energy I was losing because of how I reacted in daily situations. In the beginning, it was easy to remind myself of the tools I had learned to change my behaviour, but a few months after I finished the book, my old habits started to creep up again....more

Take Advantage of Cancer ;) It's doesn't ALL have to suck...

Hi again everyone! I hope your Monday night was better than ours... ...more

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My Mental Flashes of Fear and Hope

I just thought to myself, “It’s the start of a new year, maybe I should write one blog post every day for all of 2014.” But then (and this is going to sound a little crazy) I had this flash of the future where I imagined not finishing the challenge because I had died… my health is a constant source of worry and I think that’s normal for someone with stage 4 cancer, but the fact that my mind jumps straight to death is unnerving....more

How Positive Thinking Can Change Your Life

“We can complain because rose bushes have thorns, or rejoice because thorn bushes have roses.” ― Abraham LincolnIt’s not always easy to be positive. Things go wrong every single day, and every time they threaten to lower your morale, whether it’s something as simple or insignificant as the bake shop selling the last of your favorite muffins to the person in front of you in line or something as serious and momentous as the sudden loss of a loved one....more

The Law of Attraction and Errant Tomato Plants

Whether or not you believe in the Law of Attraction, the belief that your thoughts control your world, I have personally seen it at work in my life for years in everything from my marriage, my home, my career (be careful what you wish for!), and the people surrounding me....more

A sure-fire way to make yourself a slower runner

I’m a middle-of-the-pack runner. I’ve got some times I’m proud of, but I certainly don’t run races to win, and I would never call myself “fast.” Just yesterday, I found myself sheepishly explaining to a friend that while I’d love to train for the Marine Corps Marathon with him, I doubted our paces would match up, as I know he is at least a minute per mile faster than me.So when I read this, it hit home. ... Keep reading at DistrictSweats....more

What to do with Grief after Public Incidents

 It's 11:30 am. I have been up for 5 hours and I am still in my PJs. It's the day after the bombing at the Boston Marathon and I am feeling helpless and a bit demotivated. Why near the finishing line?  Is there something symbolic about that? My mind is searching for a logical answer to this guerrilla act.  Yet I know there is none. When this investigation is "officially" wrapped up, there will be no legitimate logic to this random destruction....more