Loving Yourself Sexy

 Have you heard that; you get what you think about? Where you put your energy multiplies? Have you heard that what we resist persists? What about the power of emotions; “Compelling reason will never convince blinding emotion.” - Richard Bach....more

FGBVs versus the "c" word

My dad is a little worried. He has had a “sudden change in bathroom habits” this last week. He’s a doctor, and he knows the odds favor an intestinal infection of some kind, but he’s getting a colonoscopy because it can also be a sign of the “C” word: cancer. I don’t like that. I don’t like that at all.A friend of mine is also having an endoscopy to “rule out” cancer in his esophagus. Yeah. That means the doctor thinks there is at least a chance of cancer. I don’t like that. I don’t like that at all....more

Free Positive Thoughts

Free Positive Thoughts  Let’s talk about being positive and grateful for a little bit shall we. With the holidays fast approaching, it only seems appropriate....more

ENERGY ALERT - Capturing Thoughtstorms

8/15/2013ENERGY ALERT-Recognizing  Thoughtstorms“Thoughtstorms” are not good or bad. They are simply attempting to bring your attention to the many alternatives for their use…”Thoughtstorms” will ignite your emotions to bring your awareness to them and once the emotions have your attention they can magnify themselves until you have deciphered their message…...more

3 Things I Can Do To Help, Right Now

I've been pondering a question lately. I've been contemplating many things that I think are not right in our world, and oh my there are many. But rather than harp on about things that I don't like, I'm turning my mind to the positive side. As in, what can I do to help? What can I do to make the world a better place, to leave it in a better state for those who come after I have gone? It's fair to say that I already to the basics - I recycle, I avoid using electricity unnecessarily, I grow vegetables, I shop local (and global!)....more

Roses and Thorns

A lot of families play Roses and Thornes at the end of the day to encourage not focusing on the “bad” that happens in the day. I realize that I’ve talked a lot about the bad of my week so I thought I would close it down with the good that happened.There’s a Genius in the House...more

Resolutions. . . What a Waste

The myth of the New Year's Resolution goes something like this:1. Person evaluates their own flaws.2. Person vows to change said flaws.3. Person ends up not doing crap about said flaws and then feels bad for a moment and in my case ends up eating lots of chocolate to comfort said self....more