Kate Middleton And Mummy Tummy

Kate Middleton gave birth and became an instant hero. Not for delivering the next king of the Commonwealth, or for just giving birth (which is a hell of an achievement on its own), but for showing her post baby body one day after her son was born. Per MSN News, this action delighted moms around the world. So what's wrong with this picture? ...more
I am ashamed to say that I noticed it too.  I had all three of my kids by C-section.  She seemed ...more

5 Pros and 5 Cons of Pregnancy

We are not going "live" for at least another 3 weeks. There are two reasons for this -- one is that I will not be ovulating anyways and while I am not ovulating, I would rather be drinking, and the other is that I have signed up for a half-marathon I would like to run, which would be very hard to achieve while throwing up. So as I am going through my days caring for the kid (frequently), training for a half-marathon (sporadically) and obsessing about the future (incessantly), I have decided to make a list of five things I am dreading and five things I am looking forward to....more
@MindyNeugebauer So glad I can help - even if it's just with a good laugh. That is exactly why I ...more

Upcyled Mens T-shirt

Here is a top I made quite a few months back.  My husband's uniform has changed and he can't wear just black t-shirts anymore, score for me a plethora of black t-shirts to do with as I please!  Here is one that I made into a shirt for me, desperate to hide my post baby belly and live in leggings simultaneously this shirt was born......more