Kate Middleton And Mummy Tummy

Kate Middleton gave birth and became an instant hero. Not for delivering the next king of the Commonwealth, or for just giving birth (which is a hell of an achievement on its own), but for showing her post baby body one day after her son was born. Per MSN News, this action delighted moms around the world. So what's wrong with this picture? ...more
I am ashamed to say that I noticed it too.  I had all three of my kids by C-section.  She seemed ...more

Post Baby Thinspiration

On my blog, I have chronicled my road to losing my baby weight from my second pregnancy. It's has been an emotional journey and while I am so close to my weight goal I am a long way from getting my favorite pair of jeans to fit. You know the jeans/dress/outfit I'm talking about - the ones that make you feel like a million bucks when they fit! This week I am focusing on my visual motivation or as I like to call it, thinspiration. ...more

Painting a Sandwich

      It was nice yesterday.  The sky was blue, the weeds were growing green in my garden, and I swear I felt the first gentle nudgings of Spring.  And, of course, all the stores are throwing it in your face with the pastel Easter decorations, over-priced patio furniture, and... *gulp* bathing suits....more