The truth about Postpartum

I first want to state that this post is strictly my personal experience and belief.  Every person experiences things differently and I just wanted to share the not so pretty side of things.So here we go... Prior to having kids, when I heard women talk about postpartum depression I thought it was something that was made up for attention.  I mean really how can you all of a sudden be depressed after having a baby.  Didn’t make sense to me. ...more

My Post Partum Body

www.womenenough.netby Karah PetersWhen I was pregnant with my now 15 month old, I had this crazy idea that once I had him I was going to get back in the gym and start back where I left off which was pursuing a career in modeling and television broadcasting....more

Overcoming Fear: Our Birth Story, Part 4 (The Final Installment!)

When I was preparing for our daughter's birth I read every birth story I could get my hands on. It helped me overcome my fear of the unknown and accept the fact that every birth is different. It helped me really internalize the idea of relaxing and trusting my body and my instincts. ...more

the 4th trimester no one talks about

No one talks about the three month period after you have the baby. I know the first time I envisaged it would be effortless breasfeeding, a sweet smelling giggly baby and me being at the best weight of my life due to breastfeeding. Reality was that breastfeeding was a bitch in the beginning, though my baby was in fact sweet smelling he also often smelt of milk which was also nice but also due to the fact that he had bad reflux and would projectile vomit over himself, me and whatever couch I was sitting on when I breastfed....more

Trendspotting from the maternity ward

Observations of what’s hot and what’s not from the haze of the post partum bliss. 1. Disposable knickers and socks with grips are the fashion accessory du jour. Paired together with dark circles, bedhead and your butt hanging out of your hospital gown, it’s what all the cool kids are wearing. I know what I’m stashing in my bag home 2. Rocking the halls looking like you are somewhere between 5 and 8 months pregnant when really you’ve just had a baby. Ace. 3. Rejoicing the return of tastebuds post partum just in time to savor hospital food....more

Getting back out there

Four weeks ago I had my second baby. Yesterday, my husband went back to work. I know how incredibly lucky I have been to have had all this time with him and his endless support and help taking my two year old out to the park, to the playground, to the store....more

Body After Baby (what no one tells you) Hair Edition.

My body is astronomically different than it was before I had James. Okay, maybe that's a tad over exaggerated. My body is not as good as it was before I had James. It's a warzone. A battlefield....more

Baby Weight

It is true what they say. For every kid you gain 10-15lbs. Well that was the case for me. My goal this new year is to try and lose it. Trust me I'm not trying to fit in skinny jeans, just want to be fit. To be healthy. Out with the Mcdonalds, in with chicken salad. Being a busy mom I'm always looking for the quick meals. This year I will plan meals accordingly. I have 2 beautiful daughters. With my first pregnancy I gained 30lbs after birth. It took me 3 yrs to finally lose it. My youngest was born a year ago. After giving birth to her, I am 20lbs from my goal....more

Want to track my progress? Follow me on my personal journey to accomplish my goal. Check out my ...more

Boobs: Life's Science Experiment

You know you can throw every ounce of vanity you have out the window when you become pregnant. I mean, if you have self esteem and body image issues beforehand, you better buckle your seatbelt! Pregnancy does a number on your body folks, you mommas out there know what I'm talking about. Sometimes it's easier to embrace than others. ...more

I remember the days when my DDD's wouldn't hold a pencil underneath. The wonderful summer when ...more