My Experience With Post Pardum Depression

I gave birth to my son in August of 2013 so, he is quite a year old yet. I noticed immediately after having him that something wasn't right but, I ignored it and tried to go about my life raising my three children. That December, I went from being a fulltime caregiver to my grandmother who has Alzheimer's Disease, to getting a home of my own and living my own life....more

Living in a World of Perky Breasts

I tell myself I love my breasts.  I tell myself they look amazing for having nursed three children.  I tell myself, "For 38 years old, they look great. You're lucky they aren't totally facing south."  But I still don't quite believe it. ...more

I agree with what these ladys say. If a guy will fidn afult in your breast and run away then ...more