The Body I Have Today

The body changes over time. This isn't a new concept. Male or female, the body changes and one accepts this as fact.As a woman who's had a child, my body has changed dramatically, in some ways. I'm not the only one this had happened to.Sometimes though I wonder my place in the world when it comes to my changed body. These changes happened over time, but relative to overall changes a body undergoes, the changes happened in an extremely short period of time....more

Five things no one tells you about your post-pregnancy body

So all throughout your pregnancy, you sit around and think about what your baby is going to look like. You read about how to prepare yourself for labor and delivery and how to take care of your newborn child once they actually arrive. The big day comes, you have your little bean and can’t stop staring into his face. Slowly, as you come out of your baby coma, you realize that there are things going on with your body that no one warned you about. Things that, despite all of your preparation, you are certainly not prepared for....more

Baby Weight

It is true what they say. For every kid you gain 10-15lbs. Well that was the case for me. My goal this new year is to try and lose it. Trust me I'm not trying to fit in skinny jeans, just want to be fit. To be healthy. Out with the Mcdonalds, in with chicken salad. Being a busy mom I'm always looking for the quick meals. This year I will plan meals accordingly. I have 2 beautiful daughters. With my first pregnancy I gained 30lbs after birth. It took me 3 yrs to finally lose it. My youngest was born a year ago. After giving birth to her, I am 20lbs from my goal....more

Want to track my progress? Follow me on my personal journey to accomplish my goal. Check out my ...more

(PHOTOS) Here's My Post-Partum Body: No Fear. No Regrets.

My truth is that my body never returned to what it was pre-baby. My truth is that my stretch marks were not minimal and the stretched skin never really puckered back up. My truth is that my belly button will always look a little weird and wrinkly now. My truth is that there will always be a bit of a lip at the bottom of my stomach from where the loose skin hangs, thanks to either C-sections or very large babies. I wanted to post pictures of my truth to show that I have no regrets concerning this truth. I have no fear of it. ...more
Thank you, thank you, thank you!  This piece is absolutely wonderful.  While I bounced back ...more