Sadhvi Sez: "The Hundred Foot Journey" and, it's still Summer!

SadhviSummer is not over yet, but seeing all that Halloween stuff in the stores, you might think it's just around the corner - it is not!  It is stil...more

A Recent Encounter with Vanity: Or All's Well that End's Well

It was an important event.  I wanted to look thin in my outfit—well, at least thinner!  I’ve put some weight on recently in reaction to stress....more

Martin Luther King Day, My Memories

Annice, 1967As I sat down to my computer this morning, I was going to write about a disturbing film I saw the other night but then, I realized it was MLK Day, and the film id...more
So interesting to hear your recollections of both Martin Luther King's death and Kent State. ...more

Sadhvi Sez: Finding the Balance on this Last Day of Spring:::

I wasn't always into gardening, or painting, or cooking.  I was too busy making money, juggling things, and multi-tasking.  I felt an adrenaline rush knowing how good I was at keeping it...more

Sadhvi Shares Getting Away

Sadhvi & BelloSanta Fe always makes me feel like I am on another planet when I go there....more

Book Review: Just Holler Bloody Murder by Dershie McDevitt

JaneI don't often get the chance to review a book--because I don't often get the chance to read!...more

Oops50 Annice asks, "Will Good Customer Service Ever Come Back?"

   ANNICE ...more

Women In Combat

CherylCheryl is a retired Air Force officer, living and writing in Asheville, NC.  Her book, In Formation: What the Air Force Taught Me a...more

Sadhvi Sez: Becoming Born Again

This past week it rained and rained and rained.  I don't remember a rain like that, for so long, nonstop, day and night, except for the monsoon season in India.  The rain filled up 3 of my wheelbarrows.  My husband dug a circular ditch around the house so that the water could have a place to go instead of our basement.  I looked out t...more