Backup Your Social Media Content Because Even Big Sites Close Down

Sites come and go; they're sort of like friendships in that way. There are the ones that are such an enormous part of our lives that we can't imagine waking up one day and not having them there. There are others that we like well enough, or they fit us during a certain point in our life, but later on, we realize that we haven't visited them in months and we really don't miss them either, even though there are no hard feelings. Sometimes the user needs the site and lives in fear of it disappearing. Other times, the feelings aren't quite mutual and while the site wants us to stick around, we really don't want to invest our energy in that relationship anymore. We need sites. But they also need us. ...more
What a great reminder that it's important to back up much more than just our blogs!more

TypePad Micro: Six Apart's Foray Into Microblogging

So far in our overview of microblogging tools I've introduced you to Tumblr and Denise admitted her addiction to Posterous. Those two tools are the most popular options going, but there is a third option: TypePad Micro....more

How Real-Time Blogging Could Mean Big-Time Problems for Infertility Doctors

I recently started using Posterous as an annex space from my blog, instantly uploading pictures, sound files, stories, and videos from my phone. Where I would have had to wait until I returned home from a party or event, hooking my camera up to the computer, downloading and sizing the photos, slowly uploading them individually to my blog, they now are sent instantly and I return home with the whole night already blogged and commented on from people reading at home. ...more

Posterous: My New Social Media Addiction

The initial buzz about Posterous didn't do much to inspire me to try it. I didn't have time for the blogs and other social media tools that I was using, why would I try a mini-blogging platform whose most important feature seemed to be blog via email capability. I was trying to find ways to use email less often not more often. I figured Posterous just wasn't a tool I'd use. Yet I found myself drawn back to Posterous, over and over again. Each time, it was the blog via email functionality that I just couldn't wrap my head around. ...more

Microblogging: What's Tumblr and How Can It Help Me?

Somewhere between traditional blogging and Twitter there lies a sort of half-blog option. If your primary blog is your heavyweight and Twitter is your featherweight, then sites like Tumblr, Posterous, and TypePad Micro would have to be your lightweights. Those sites aren't quite as much as a full-fledged blog, but they are more than a microblog (though, technically, they are considered a part of microblogging)....more

I probably shared 10 or more links every day w/o adding descriptions or comments. I'll keep ...more