Can You Even Read?

You know what would be super great.......if people would read.You know you see this daily:"Um, where's the {insert obviously I haven't read the sign marking it} section?""Are the pictures just for inspiration, or can you get the dresses" {there are links SPECIFICALLY linking each dress (*right next to it*) to the website they can be purchased from....}"what day is your party?" .......asked the person from the E-vite website."What is your book about?" .......asked the person, holding the book entitled "Anemia: Red Blood Cell Studies"...more

Social Media Savvy

I know everyone is up on their Twitter and Facebook accounts and the like.I actually came across something on Facebook that spoke volumes to me and even tied in to a post I wrote this past week, about making peace with my past.The Facebook post said” When the past calls, let it go to voicemail.It has nothing new to tell you.”I read it and digested it and thought about how spot on that post was.There is a reason why the past IS the past. You can’t relive it.Learn from your mistakes and remember good times fondly.You have to go through to the future....more

A Passion for Posting

I'm still trying to decide what my little blog is going to be when it grows up and must admit that the journey is somewhat addicting. I can honestly say that I have been bitten by the blog bug. I come home from work in the evening and can't wait to check my blog for comments, new followers and plan a post. Blogging is keeping me up at night, but in a good way. ...more

What's Your Blog Stage, Baby?

You've sat through the sessions at BlogHer07. You've been inspired to take your blogging to the next level...or start a new blog. So after attending BlogHer07 - and surviving the travel, the drinking, and the lousy service at the W Hotel - where on the Seven Stages of Blogging are you at? ...more