Premature Postpartum - Hospital Discharge is Not the End of the Story

  I can be annoyingly productive in the first few weeks of spring, as months of hibernation turn into an overwhelming need to do all the things. One of the first ways I know spring has truly arrived is when my mental gears start turning to plan my daughter’s birthday party. Last year, for her fifth birthday, she chose Honey I Shrunk the Kids as a theme, which I took as a testament to my amazing parenting. Obviously. I Pinterested the shit out of that party, and waddled my way around the yard while my husband and neighbors eyed me nervously. Evidently pregnant women shouldn’t climb ladders, or carry folding tables down a flight of stairs. Whatever. The party was great, and the sugar-laden children buzzed home. I was 28 weeks pregnant and feeling good. Then I went to the bathroom. ...more

PND Blog – Finding The Light In The Dark – Part 3

I planned for a water birth, in a relaxing environment with my favourite music playing. I’d only have gas and air during the labour. I didn't want to do it with medicines and other pain relief – we are built for this – so I’d be fine. And besides women always take great pleasure it telling you ‘yes i only used gas and air’.Read More Here : PND Blog - Finding The Light In The Dark - Part 3...more

PND Blog – Finding The Light In The Dark – Part 2

Pregnancy should have been an amazing time – preparing and looking forward to the arrival of our LO.Instead I became submerged into a world where I needed to be the perfect mum.I spent hours researching about what’s the best cot, steriliser & pram. I needed to have the best for him so he’d be ok and I’d be doing a good job.Read More Here : PND Blog - Finding The Light In The Dark - Part 2...more

(Almost) 9 months Postpartum

Here I am. Almost nine months postpartum after delivering a healthy, happy(or not...) and beautiful baby girl. I ended my pregnancy at a staggering 247 pounds. It makes me cringe as I sit here and think about it. Through these last nine months I have learned many things about myself: 1. I can actually still survive on minimal amounts of sleep 2. It's okay to mess up every once in a while 3. Even if she's screaming her little baby head off, she still loves and needs me 4. Time really does fly 5. I cannot go back to the 'old me'   ...more

4 Month Postpartum Update

I’ve been meaning to do a postpartum for awhile now, but if you read my last two posts (here and here), you know life has been quite crazy! I also wanted it to be a video update, but I’m finding that videos are much harder to do with a two-year-old who wants your constant attention and I pretty much pass ...more

Why I Still Isolate My Kegels

I've noticed a lot of physical therapists moving away from the Kegel. Usually, this retreat is about providing "better options" for their patients and a more "integrative" approach to pelvic floor function. From what I can tell, this move is based on new theoretical trends in physical therapy and not on any new emerging evidence. ...more
fayemoxam CoreExpectation Yes, talking about it is key! Never thought I'd blog about my pelvic ...more

Going from DINKs to parents

Dual-Income, No Kids. ...more

Kerry Washington Isn't Stressing Over Her Post-Baby Body, So Why Are You?

Editor's Note: In a recent interview for SELF magazine, actress Kerry Washington, 38, said this about getting her pre-baby body back, "I've been really focused on not being 'back' to anything, but being the best version of myself right now. My body is the site of a miracle now. I don't want to be pre-miracle." And here's another take from a BlogHer Member on post-baby bodies and how women feel about them. The admonition that we should love our bodies is oddly authoritarian. Nonetheless, I tried. And, for the longest time I couldn't figure out why this advice irked me, or why it was slightly suffocating. Shouldn't I want to love my body? Shouldn't that be the ultimate body image goal? Not necessarily. Love in and of itself is lovely. But telling women they need to love their bodies is not. Why? Because body love assumes our thoughts should fall at the extreme end of the emotional spectrum. ...more
Yes! You're so right that telling us to "love our body" just sets us up for MORE failure (omg, ...more

Taking Baby Steps For Your Post-Baby Body

Here in Toronto, the start of August signals the imminent end to our too-short summer season. Almost every year around this time, I come to one clear revelation: I didn’t get my summer body as "on point" as I wanted it to be. And almost every year around this time, I make another promise: Next year, I swear I’ll do better. ...more
I love that you revelled in your pregnancy curves! It's amazing how our bodies change during ...more