Another Face in the Crowd

As I pause from my seasonal mall shopping for an Egg Nog Latte, I notice a particular young woman scouting a place to rest.  Her left forearm is lugging an oversized bag (I’m almost certain it’s the $35 zip-top tote in the Swirly Dot pattern from Thirty-One. You know, the one with enough space to park a Prius.)  ...more

Kids Can Be Jerks (and Other Things New Parents Should Admit)

Ah, the joys of parenthood. "Cherish every moment," you hear. "It goes so fast!" Yeah, well, when entering the active labor stage was your last relaxing evening at home, I assure you -- not fast enough. ...more
pinesandpalmettos Congrats on your pregnancy! Yes, I have made it my life's mission to out ...more

Postpartum Essentials

You've done all your research and shopping for everything baby could possibly need, but what about you? Did you remember to remember you? It is so important to take care of yourself so you can be the best shape possible and enjoy that blissful newborn stage. Recovering from childbirth is certainly not glamorous and perhaps not something you want to think about before your first delivery, but take my word for it--you'll want to have this stuff on hand!  ...more

When Stress is More than Stress, it's S.A.D.

When Stress is More than Stress: It’s Keianna Rae Harrison for INSPIRED: The Blog at ...more

Why You're Probably a Better Mom/Wife Than You Think

I learned a lot of life-changing lessons through my experience with PPA. One of the most important (and surprising) lessons was that I couldn't always trust my thoughts. This was news to me--I was a 4.0 student (up until college when I got a life and consequently got a little distracted--oops). I thought I was smart and had a strong mind....more
Wow, I think I have done all of those at least once and several of those repeatedly! Great ...more

My Maelstrom

a powerful often violent whirlpool sucking in objects within a given radius; figurative: a scene or state of confused and violent movement or upheaval  ...more

The Pain of Self Sacrifice (and why it's worth it!)

 I remember being younger (pre-children) and hearing people say “I can’t even remember life before my kids!”. When I would hear them say this, I would think to myself; surely, that must be an exaggeration; what do they actually mean when they say that? ...more

My Fight With Postpartum Depression

  When you think of depression, giving birth or being a new mom isn't something that you would associated it with. Unfortunately, 13% of women have post-partum depression after the delivery of their precious baby....more