How My Anxiety Got Worse After Having A Baby

I have had anxiety for as long as I can remember, but I didn’t always know it was anxiety. It started out by being overly anxious and worrying about typical things. I just accepted it as a part of my personality, and assumed it was just my destiny to play on the safe side....more

Anxiety - What it felt like for me with postpartum anxiety

Prior to having postpartum depression and anxiety, I had not really had much experien...more

But I would never hurt my baby

I think the phrase, more realistically, is "But I would never hurt my baby... would I?"Now, please understand, I speak only for myself. I can't put words into other sufferers of postpartum mood disorders....more

The Other Shade of Blue: Postpartum Anxiety and I

Let me start by saying that it’s taken 9 weeks and a dash of humility for me to finally put pen to paper about this subject. Yet what’s the point of running a blog if you’re not going to dive into and dissect the more difficult challenges that confront you in life? So here we go…...more

Having Another Baby After Postpartum Anxiety

This blog post originally appeared on the blog me: My name is Lisa. I’ve been married for six years and have two wonderful boys, ages 2 years and (almost) 2 months. ...more

Perfectly Imperfect

I can think of lots of frightening things I have done in my life. Ending relationships. Standing up for myself in the face of adversity. Saying final goodbyes way too soon. However, the scariest thing I have ever done in my life was watch the tracking devices become unlocked around my daughters' ankles as I signed their discharge papers from the hospital. This meant that they no longer belonged to the hospital. They were mine....more

Baby Blue

Becoming a mother - whether for the first time or the fifth - is miraculous and beautiful. There is nothing like the feeling of holding my new son close and breathing in that sweet baby smell. For the first few days after the birth, I am surrounded by well-wishers, family, and a nursing staff who bring the baby to me to nurse and help manage my pain. The day arrives to be discharged, and I can't wait to bring baby home. But somewhere between the driveway and the nursery, it dawns on me that it is all up to me from here on out....more
Thanks for your comment on my blog. Sorry you are dealing with depression/anxiety/OCD. Sucks. more


Motherhood on the Someone once told me that if you take something fragile and shatter it, even if you glue it back together, it will never be as beautiful.I am not fragile....more

What You Need to Know About Postpartum Depression

There is a lot of stuff to think about when you're having a baby. Will I have a boy or a girl?  Do we have enough onesies?  Is that how the crib is supposed to be set up?  Do I really need a Diaper Genie? There's even more stuff to think about once you've had the baby. How am I going to get this child to sleep through the night? Why can't I get her to burp? Is he latching on correctly? What on earth is that rash?! ...more

Thanks for this great article! I wish I'd been more aware of all of these online resources ...more

The Symptoms of Postpartum Depression & Anxiety (In Plain Mama English)

What is postpartum depression? What does it look like and feel like? Most websites offer a short list of bullets of symptoms - a list that hardly even begins to cover what moms with PPD may go through. You might look at these lists and become even more confused than you were before. ...more
Katherine, thank you. You are one awesome woman with a huge task. I felt many of those things, ...more