Fighting Depression While Raising Children: It Takes An (Online) Village

I've said it here before and I'll say it again: in my darkest, most troubled, most difficult moments, the Internet has saved my life. Sure, my doctor and my psychiatrist and my Ativan prescription were all some help in keeping my head above water when the waves of post-partum depression crashed and pounded over me, but really, it was the presence of a community of women who were speaking truth to power about the reality of post-partum depression that kept me afloat....more

If only I'd been online and had the village when I went through pre-, post-, and pre-school- ...more

The Unrelenting Self-Doubt And Second-Guessing of Postpartum Depression & Anxiety

You're never gonna know what the exact right thing is to do.  You just aren't. How much does that suck? Being a parent is tough business, and for those of us with postpartum depression or anxiety I'd venture to say it's even tougher.  We start off on the wrong foot from the very start.  This leads to even more self-doubt, even more guilt, and even more second-guessing. I still do this all the time. ...more

Extreme Anxiety and New Motherhood: The Perfect Storm

As I was researching last week's post on parenting trends of the past ten years, I realized why my daughter's babyhood was so difficult for me. ...more
Amazing read, this is ME!  Thank you for posting a very authentic story, and painting the ...more

Depression: There's Still A Pill For That

I'd make a joke about the news that antidepressants might not work being depressing, but it wouldn't really be funny, because, well, it's just not. Arguments against seeking medication for depression just don't tickle the funny bone. And as someone who struggles with shame about continuing to take medication for post-partum depression nigh on two years post-partum, my funny bone on these matters is decidedly unticklish....more

I'm right with you sister.  Many in the media completely misreported ...more

Unknown Ache

"Fear not, for I am with you; be not dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you, yes, I will help you, I will uphold you with My righteous right hand." Isaiah 41:10 ...more

How to Get Help If You Have Postpartum Depression & No Insurance

A few weeks ago I wrote about a story by Lesley Alderman at the New York Times on making the most of your mental health insurance benefits.  But what about those of you who have postpartum depression or a related illness and who don't have insurance?  What if you have very limited mental health benefits?  Alderman has written a follow-up ...more

Attack of the Killer Mombies

Took me 4 years to blog about postpartum depression. but here it is in my "Attack of the Killer Mombies" post at Pajamas and Coffee. ...more

Have Baby, Will Travel - To BlogHer?

This time last year - just over a month before BlogHer in San Francisco - I was on bed rest. I'd given birth to Jasper a few weeks prior, and was laid up with a bad case of birthblasted nethers. I wasn't doing much other than nursing, applying ice-packs, and fretting over whether Jasper's big sister was getting enough attention. Oh, yeah, and I was mentally plotting what I would need to pack to take to BlogHer a few weeks hence. ...more

I love holding babys, I sure hope everyone has a great time


When Will The Breastfeeding Mommy Wars End?

My friend Adrienne Griffin pointed out to me a recent article in the Atlantic called "The Case Against Breastfeeding".  I think the title goes a little far, as breastfeeding is of course just fine.  The title should have read "The Case Against Acting Like Breastfeeding Is the Only Way to Be a Good Mom."  Author Hannah Rosin compares the medical literature on breastfeeding with the pop culture view on breastfeeding and finds out how much the ...more

So how does this work for PPD moms who breastfeed?

I used to be one of the 'survivors' ...more