There’s Nothing Natural About Motherhood

Self-preservation. It’s the law of nature. All life strives to preserve itself – to do what is in its own best interest, all life that is, except for mothers. Motherhood sucks. You’re the last to eat, if you get to eat at all. You’re thoroughly sleep-deprived. You’ve sacrificed your body, which now feels like a rotting peach and looks like a melted candle....more

G. stands for GIRL

i was like, so thinking that i would end-up with the post partum ...more

Why I’m Thankful That My First Birth Experience Sucked Royally

Originally posted November 2010 on my blog (

Thank you for your encouraging and kind words! more

Loving Our Bodies Through Depression And Beyond

When Jillian Michaels said that she didn't plan on ever getting pregnant because she couldn't see "doing that to (her) body," my buttons were pushed. Lots and lots of my buttons were pushed. My body image buttons, my proud-mama buttons, my feminist-critique-of-the-culture (aka my why-do-we-never-see-real-womens-bodies-in-popular-culture, and my why-does-everyone-expect-me-to-look-like-I-did-at-25) buttons, my where-are-all-the-good-feminist-role-model buttons, and some buttons that I'd forgotten I had. And I lost my temper, a bit. I'm feeling a little badly about that. I stand by the substance of my general arguments, mind you, but still. I shouldn't have let my temper get the better of me. ...more

And there's another side...which for some reason, seems rarely acknowledged...

Those born ...more