Moms with Postpartum Depression Don't Kill People

It doesn’t matter who she is, what her history is, or how old her child is.  If a mother commits a crime or does harm, postpartum depression will be mentioned within minutes. Not 24 hours after Connecticut mother Miriam Carey showed up in DC in her black Infiniti and started ramming barriers at the White House and U.S. Capitol, PPD initially was named as the cause. ...more
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The Devil Was After My Child: Shedding Light on Pospartum Psychosis

My eyes shot open. There it was again... the rustling... the breathing... the scurrying. I scanned what I could of the dark room, and glanced at my sleeping husband next to me. Should I wake him? He could not help. He would not understand. It was up to me. I strained in the dark to see the little bassinet that held our sleeping son -- only eight weeks old. I prayed that he wouldn't wake up. If he did, the crying would never stop. I became more and more certain that it was not this mysterious "colic" that was bothering him. I began to know that the crying, the agitation, the wailing for dear life, was because the baby knew... he could feel it. The devil was after my child....more
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Me, Interrupted

Shortly after I gave birth to my daughter, I was diagnosed with Postpartum Psychosis.  I was prescribed a high dosage of Zoloft and Xanax, which helped tremendously.   Initially, the intention was to wean me off the medications once my condition improved.  Combined with regular visits to my psychiatrist, the dosage was slowly reduced, with the hope th...more

Time Takes Stigma To the Max With "Psychotic Nut Job" Mothers

Yesterday I happened upon a story from Time magazine’s Healthland on the results of research into why women kill their newborns. The first three sentences shocked me so much, I couldn't read further to learn about the study: ...more

Thank you for addressing this. People don't understand what can lead a woman to harm or kill her ...more

Fighting Depression While Raising Children: It Takes An (Online) Village

I've said it here before and I'll say it again: in my darkest, most troubled, most difficult moments, the Internet has saved my life. Sure, my doctor and my psychiatrist and my Ativan prescription were all some help in keeping my head above water when the waves of post-partum depression crashed and pounded over me, but really, it was the presence of a community of women who were speaking truth to power about the reality of post-partum depression that kept me afloat....more

If only I'd been online and had the village when I went through pre-, post-, and pre-school- ...more

What You Need to Know About Postpartum Depression

There is a lot of stuff to think about when you're having a baby. Will I have a boy or a girl?  Do we have enough onesies?  Is that how the crib is supposed to be set up?  Do I really need a Diaper Genie? There's even more stuff to think about once you've had the baby. How am I going to get this child to sleep through the night? Why can't I get her to burp? Is he latching on correctly? What on earth is that rash?! ...more

Thanks for this great article! I wish I'd been more aware of all of these online resources ...more

MOTHERS Act To Drug America's Moms For Fake Postpartum Depression

Wake up, women. Wake up people who work to prevent child abuse, people who work to prevent suicide, people who work to prevent preterm births, people who care about healthy families. Wake up, people who care about motherhood. Wake up, women of America. Wake up psychiatric professionals, nurses, OB/GYNS, pediatricians. Here's an actual text of a communication being sent far and wide by the very loud and vociferous opposition to the Melanie Blocker Stokes MOTHERS Act to support increased funding, education and research for postpartum depression (the underlining is mine): ...more

ABC Television Puts Murderous Mommy on "Private Practice" Instead of Postpartum Depression Sufferer

ABC Television contacted Postpartum Support International several weeks ago to say they were doing a story about postpartum depression on an episode of "Private Practice" and wanted to do a public service announcement (PSA) with information about the illness.  I was aware of this project, because as the PR board chair for PSI, I had to write the PSA copy.  I was told a message about the PSA would appear at the end of the episode (which aired last night) and would direct people to the ABC website to watch it.  ABC wouldn't tell PSI any more about the episode.  ...more

Moms All Over the Blogosphere Write About Perinatal Mood & Anxiety Disorders

Here's a roundup of what's going on out there in the world of perinatal mood and anxiety disorders this week ... Cate at 18 Years and Counting is suffering from postpartum depression and anxiety and needs a Warrior Moms Virtual Hug. Here's a post she just wrote about her obsessions and fears. ...more

Not everyone wants to talk about it.  And that's perfectly okay.  Some people, once they get ...more

Straight Talk About Mental Hospitals & Postpartum Depression

One area I don't like to talk about is hospitalization. I don't know why. It's like the ultimate embarrassment for me or something that at one point I had to be hospitalized in a mental hospital (UGH!) for depression. It was only for a few days, but it's one thing of which I have to say I still feel slightly ashamed. If our society considered mental illness a physical illness, then of course I wouldn't be ashamed, because there is nothing at all wrong with being sick and having to go to the hospital. ...more

I was the third child and after giving birth to me my mother fell into a bad depression state. ...more