Is Being a Bad Ass All it's Cracked Up to Be? Or . . . How I almost got arrested on my first official day as a Bad Ass Chick

My daughter, Bo, and I joke often about being “bad-asses.” You know, as in all tough and ready to tangle, etc., etc. So when I got a text around 6 a.m. this morning from my friend, Noelle, telling me that I’d been chosen to be the Bad Ass Chick of the Day on the Elvis Duran show, a nationally syndicated morning radio program, I thought she was kidding. And yet I turned on the radio, and there I was! An Official Bad Ass Chick! It was thrilling until I realized I had to break the news to my nine grandchildren think about it ...more
@calmarsden Sorry, "I" just saw this - Calmarsden, the entire point of a blog is to speak to ...more