Twice-Baked = Twice as Delicious

Twice Baked Potatoes Stuffed With SausageThis recipe is for the meat and potato lovers ~ each bite is packed with both!  Perfect for a party appetizer, game day munchie or a side dish for dinner.  The flavorful Italian sausage and sauteed onion, blends well with the creamy twice baked potato.  They were certainly a hit at our neighborhood pot luck!...more

Baked Potato with Cheese and Bacon

Oh Yeah! My mouth is already watering just looking at this picture! Baked Potato with Cheese and Bacon. I will tell you that it tastes SO good! To make this dish, my boyfriend and I took a special trip to a local Italian store to buy these delicious fresh cheeses. The milk for the cheese is from happy cows that are eating fresh and juicy grass on Italian fields. Ok, maybe I am exaggerating a little bit, but the cheese is really very fresh and delicious. The bacon brings so much flavor to the whole dish, so I had to make some extra for my boyfriend. It is not the most healthy meal and it does take a little bit of time to bake it (a bit more than an hour), but it’s worth it. You and your family will love it, so print out this recipe to have a copy in your kitchen....more

Ahhhhh Asparagus ~ Entrees, Side Dishes, Appetizers ~ YUM

Scalloped Potatoes Layered With Asparagus and Sautéed Onion ~ Creamy Carbonara with Asparagus and Mushrooms ~ Asparagus with Sautéed Almonds and Garlic ~ Parmesan, Asparagus and Potato Bake ~ Prosciutto Wrapped Asparagus with a Touch of Brown Sugar ...more
Looks so yummy!more

Red Potato and Green Bean Saute

We have a lot of road construction going on around here.It takes double to triple the amount of time to get from point A to point B....more

Potato and pointed gourd curry

Potato and pointed gourd curry cooked with Indian spices.Pointed gourd /Parwal  is a seasonal vegetable and is available during summers till monsoon season. Pointed Gourd  is mainly used in North and East India specially in the states of Orissa and Bengal.This vegetable is easy to digest so recommended for the patients with weak digestion,constipation,jaundice and  is specialy good for stomach ailments....more

And the results are in...

This year I decided to keep a record of some of the crops that I harvested from the garden (not all of them, I'm not that much of a garden-geek). Really I wanted to demonstrate to myself that I am making a useful contribution to our food consumption, and to show that it is possible to grow a significant amount of food in a relatively small space. The two crops that I recorded were courgettes and potatoes. Since the potatoes were all dug up some weeks ago and the courgette plants have now been finished off by the cold weather, I have the full season's results....more

Baked potato soup in the crockpot

Ingredients1 30oz bag of frozen, shredded hash browns 3 14oz cans of chicken broth1 can of cream of...more