bacon and egg potato salad

There’s still a few weeks left of summer....more

Fingerling potato salad with peas and Greek yogurt-lime dressing

This past Saturday I took a much overdue trip to the farmer’s market. Given my obsession with food, cooking and healthy eating, you’d think this little corner of Guelph would be part of my weekly routine. Sadly I only make it out once per season, but am always glad I made the trip.  (To be fair, it’s only open Saturday mornings until noon!)...more

Dad’s Famous Potato Salad

The summer months bring back so many fantastic childhood memories.In the summer... You could catch me hiding with my dad under the dinning room table, chowing down on dipped Oreos in milk right before dinner....more

Mom's Potato Salad

One of the things I remember from growing up is my dad always saying my mom made the best potato salad in the world. I’ve been wanting to make my mom’s potato salad for some time now, but the things is, my mom didn’t use a recipe. She just knew what to add and how much. So it was not in my box of recipe cards I had copied from her box of cards years earlier. I checked with my sister, but she didn’t have the recipe, either. So I tried to go from memory....more
My mom is deceased and I regret never learning her Puerto Rican recipes. Pernil (roasted pork), ...more

Potato Salad with Turkey Bacon

Potato Salad with Turkey Bacon is a simple and very lightly oiled dish. Grapeseed Oil, which is lighter than Olive Oil, gives the dish a lighter texture. This dish replaces a non-traditional Roasted Potato with Ham or Pan-fried Potato with some sort of meat.The potatoes are boiled and mixed with a dressing made with grapeseed oil, rice wine vinegar, chives, salt, pepper, chili garlic sauce for that special kick, and Turkey Bacon. The vinaigrette brings out the earthiness taste of the potatoes and makes this Potato Salad with Turkey Bacon a wonderful side dish.Enjoy!...more

I say potato you say potato...

Ok here is the yummy, healthier potato salad recipe we used for  ...more

Grilled Potato Salad

Don’t ask me why, but one day this week I was craving potato salad. And, being on the grilling kick I’m in (see: grilled corn and grilled pizza/salad), I decided to make grilled potato salad! It’s pretty easy, so don’t let the steps below overwhelm you. Plus, I took lots of pictures to help....more

home made goodness, so much better than the store bought.

We have all done it, we are all guilty of this at one time or another. I'm not talking about putting a red sock in with the whites or farting and blaming the dog. I am referring to buying premade foods like potato salads or baked beans from the deli part of the grocery store. My mother is notorious for this latley . In the past few years we as a family have gone from eating homemade goodness to all out of a can, a jar, or made by someone else when we eat at her home....more