Home Style Potato Wedges

These wedges are reminiscent of the ones you got at a chip wagon when you were little. They have the really crispy crunchy dark edges that usually spell grease, usually! The key to getting the yummy edges is roughly scraping the baking sheet with a spatula half way through the wedges baking. Instead of flipping them gently like other recipes, you want to run the spatula along the edges and pan, like scraping paint.http://lisagcooks.com/lisa-g-news/home-style-potato-wedges/...more

Baked Potato Wedges

sounds simple and lovely but then most home recipes are simply the best. thanks for sharing.more

Perfect Grilled Potato Wedges (Plus a Trio of Dipping Sauces)

Grilled potato wedges are one of those summer staples in our house. We always have a giant bag of russet potatoes hanging out in the bottom of our pantry. And amazingly enough, these potato wedges perfectly complement pretty much every summer meal. They are a great, healthy alternative to fries alongside a burger. When you put a nice warm pile of them next to a boring turkey sandwich, suddenly your meal feels more substantial. ...more
I made this (complete with sauces) for my carnivore friends...Lets just say they are a big hit ...more

Orange Chicken Salad

Okay first off let me just say: I don’t like salad. There I said it. Ever since I was little kid people (yes you mom) have been trying to get me to eat salad. I don’t really know why I don’t like it because I like the individual aspects. Cucumber, yes. Lettuce, yes. Olives, hell yes. Onions, $#@* yes. Feta, no comment. Peppers, okay maybe not so much. I love salad sandwiches, so rationally there isn’t really a reason that I shouldn’t like the goodness of cold green stuff in a bowl....more