Weekend Menu Planning: Twenty Potato Side Dishes for Winter Comfort Food

When it's cold outside people start thinking of comfort foods, and I'm guessing the humble potato would be at the top of the list for many people as being one of the ultimate winter comfort foods. BlogHer is doing A Month of Side Dishes this month, so here are twenty suggestions for absolutely drool-worthy potato side dishes you might want to put on your menu. ...more

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Weekend Menu Planning: Frugal Menu Ideas Featuring Potatoes

I find it interesting how frugal cooking is getting so much buzz lately from food magazines, food television, and of course food blogs, because hasn't frugal cooking always been in style with families? My youngest sister Valerie is a great cook who's also a stay-at-home mom with eight kids, and when she's shopping for food, frugal choices like potatoes frequently make it into the shopping cart. ...more

I like the sound of oregano and paprika on roasted potatoes. I don't eat potatoes often myself, ...more