Baked Calamari with Potatoes

Baking calamari with potatoes in the oven is one of the easiest way to make them. It is hard to decide what tastes better: calamari, potatoes or baked onion rings.Combined with olive oil and chopped parsley, they are representatives of true healthy seafood. If you use calamari with thin red skin, do not discard it because it will release some red juice and potatoes will get nice reddish color... more ...more

Rosemary and Garlic Roasted Potatoes

These are the potatoes I like to serve with Roast Beef.  I will never advocate cutting starches from your diet entirely but I will stress moderation and portion control.  Try to focus on lean protein and fresh veggies but remember your brain runs off carbs!!!  ...more

Loaded Potato Casserole

If you love loaded baked potatoes, you’ll love this Loaded Potato Casserole.  This super rich and creamy casserole is perfect to bring to a potluck or share with family and friends. ...more

Parmesan Mashed Potato Patties

What do you do when you have leftover mashed potatoes?  What about using them to make these mouthwatering Parmesan Mashed Potato Patties…...more
I made something similar when my niece was staying over, she thought I had lost my mind when I ...more

Meat and Potatoes, you say? Potato Moussaka Bolognese, I say.

Recently, I received a request for a meat-n-potato type dish for someone who doesn’t eat vegetables.  Not judging. I am sure they have their reasons.  Rather than fussing about it, I took it upon myself to go as fancy as I could with the meat-n-potato idea, as it sounded pretty challenging....more

Indian Inspired Hash of Midwestern Garden Veggies

When I first started loving international food, I had trouble figuring out how to incorporate my favorite "New World" summer produce, especially ones not often seen in Asian food, like corn. But lately I have figured out that corn and potatoes make a beautiful match with Indian spices. This vegetarian hash, created right after getting home from the beach, is one such example.

Bacon Ranch Potaotes

Definitely more than a side dish...these potatoes are a meal!Potatoes?  Bacon (YEAH!)? Cheese?  These are three words of pure ecstasy.  How can you go wrong?...more

Snakes and Maggots Couldn't Drive Me Away: Roasted Potatoes

 A lot more than she bargained forWARNING: THIS POST ISN’T REALLY ABOUT THE RECIPE....more

Stuffed Potato Pancakes . . .they're not just for breakfast any more!

These Stuffed Potato Pancakes made a great side-dish with any meal, or a special treat for breakfast!  Features sauteed mushrooms and mozzarella cheese stuffing.  Easy to make, and can be prepped ahead of time.  Delicious! Life's too short to eat crappy food.  :-)

Mashed Potato Pie

yum but I never have leftover mashed potatoes, heh. So yes, I'd have to make a fresh batch for ...more