Shine on

do you see it? no? look closely but don't try so hard. it's right there. still don't see it? alright then, i'll tell you but don't feel too silly when you realize it was there the whole time.   potential. blink and look again. this time, don't think about it. just know it's there. see it now? mornings are becoming my church....more

Going the Distance

I saw a video on YouTube and realized it was a perfect way to illustrate a resource I’ve been wanting to share with my readers. The video features two self-made multimillionaires asking self-help guru and motivational speaker Tony Robbins why some people follow through while others don’t....more

The Law of Attraction and Building New Relationships

While it's undeniable that being in a loving relationship can be incredibly fulfilling and full of positives, it's also undeniable that finding relationships like that can be difficult. We've all experienced the defeated and heartbreaking feeling of rejection or an otherwise failed relationship, and most would agree the risks of these unpleasant experiences are worth it if it means finding real love and joyous fulfillment....more

Sharing Dreams

Sleep tight (32 sec)    ...more

I'm Gifted, Now What?

The holiday season is upon us and while we have stood in lines to buy gifts for loved ones on Black Friday and refreshed our cache several times on Cyber Monday, how much time have dedicated to the gifts stirring within us? As the first year of this new decade comes to a close, it is time to really connect with the reason why we exchange oxygen and carbon dioxide on this planet. The reason we are here is directly connected to our abilities. If you want to know your purpose, look no further than the magnificent things you are able to do....more

Female Potential and Marge Piercy

Tuesday Teaching Memo: "A Work of Artifice" by Marge Piercy...more

My So-Called Spoken Life: Vol. 1

 Sometimes you get tired of reading, I get it. I'm about to make it a little easier on you....more

The Fame Game, Wanna Play?

Check out 15 seconds of creativity at: http://www.funnyord...more


“Creativity can be described as letting go of certainties” Gail Sheehy       ...more

Going the Distance

Robbins then shares his “4-square” system (belief, potential, action, results) as well as how these elements are vital to momentum.  He notes that we all begin from a place where our beliefs about our potential is strong, which determines the actions we take and fuels the results we will achieve.  In essence, your results reinforce your beliefs; therefore, changing your beliefs will change your view of your potential rather than changing your potential or taking further action.  Going the distance, or following through, encourages you to visualize what you want, know why ...more