Woodstove Simmering Potpourri

 1/2 cup of each:whole cloveswhole allspicewhole corianderbroken cinnamon sticksdried orange peelsdried lemon peelsMix well. Add 1 T to a pot of water and add on the top of your woodburner....more

How to make Friendship Potpourri

Friendship PotpourriPeople at work, church, organizations, class…can make a friendship potpourri together and learn how.If you have a lot of people, double or triple the recipe.The Recipe:...more

Hydrangeas Forever

Now is the time to look for hydrangeas to dry. Get as many as you can.  Pick them with long stems and take all of the leaves off. Gather 3 or 4 in a bunch, rubber band the ends. Hang upside down in a cool, dry place. Let them hang for a week or so. They will dry, like cornflakes. Put them in a vase...no water. They will last forever....more

How to Make Potpourri

{Editor's note: I've always been fascinated by potpourri and even wanted to try making a batch of my own. I came across this tutorial that makes it look super easy! - Kathy} ...more
@Amberwood Blue I'm hoping to start my own line of products soon. I have the same abundance in ...more