3 Cheap Ways to Find Large Containers for Your Plants

All gardeners will tell you how important large pots can be! But they're often very expensive, or difficult to find. For these reasons, it's always useful to have some large containers ready when you need them. It's best to get these containers cheaply—or even for free. It's possible, if only if you know where to look. Image: Gerald Brazell via Flickr Creative Commons license ...more
Large 10ltr masonary paint buckets I wash them out melt a hole at the bottom and I use them for ...more

Organize This!: Kitchen Cabinets

  Photo by Rachel Shingleton...more

Growing an Herb Garden When You Can't Grow Things

Confession: I have a tendency to kill living things. Things that happen to be green. ...more

While you're out herb growing, add a few varieties of lettuce. They're easy to grow and do well ...more

Kitchen Essentials: Appliances

For the last post in this mini-series, I'm focusing on appliances, pots and pans.  (Previously discussed: pantry essentials and small tools) Here are the appliances that keep my kitchen running: ...more