Children amaze me.

I cannot be the only one who experiences this phenomenon....more

Potty Training Problem - Advice needed!

So, I potty trained my son last October when he was 2.5 years old (He'll be 3 in May)We took it slowly and if he wanted to use the potty he did, if he didn't we didn't push him. It went really well and within a couple of weeks he was fully trained, night time and everything! About a week ago now, he has just started wetting himself out of nowhere....more

We're All Stopped Up

One of my daughters hasn’t pooped in two days.I’ve been trying to think of an interesting blog topic for everyone today, and I can’t because over and over in my mind I hear myself worrying. I hear the same sentence.One of my daughters hasn’t pooped in two days.First, this can’t be good for her little intestines. She’s acting normal and happy, running around, playing, and yet, she must be full up.Read More: ...more

The Potty Dance

I don't understand why Fussypants fights going to the bathroom...I get it that he doesn't want to stop what he is doing when he is playing but he always refuses to go when he wakes up in the morning. This morning was no different. Me: Go to the bathroom and then I'll get you dressed for school.Him: I don't have to go to the bathroom....more

Potty Choices - A Bad Review

I am currently soaking two potties in my bathtub with bleach.  Usually they look like this: Today, they look like this: And I can’t think of a better time to go over w...more

Are We Done Yet?

I was absolutely elated when my 3 year had finally been potty trained. No more bribes to use the bathroom, no more close calls on the floor, and best of all no more Pull-Ups! Yes! I was finally done! It seemed as if there was no end in sight. The constant worry of accidents happening. The incessant calculation of how many Pull-Ups would be needed if we were away from the house for more than a couple hours. The extra case of Pull-Ups needed for daycare…All of that was over! But oh yeah, I almost forgot. There is now the job of night time potty training. Crap!...more

4am? That's real commitment to the process. I'm in awe.


From the H Files (this one is funny)

H and I have a system. I get up with Peanut three mornings a week and he gets up with her four mornings a week. Since he works until 6:30 or later most nights (and she goes to bed at 7:30), it's a nice way for him to get an extra hour with her (she wakes up at 7:30 and he has to start getting ready for work by 8:30). Today was his morning. ...more

Maybe not a failure. But here we are, a year and a half later and Peanut is using the potty by ...more

Using the Toilet

I casually mentioned to H this morning that we would soon be buying training diapers for Peanut. She pees on the toilet between one and three times a day now (though she has yet to poop). The thing is that she doesn't tell us when she has to go most of the time. He now thinks we need to buy training diapers this second. He's driving me crazy. ...more

Introducing The Potty

Last week I was at Babies R Us browsing through the isles when I came across the potties. We have decided to take a very laid back approach to potty training with the girl and wait until she gives us signs of being ready. Nevertheless, I decided to buy a cheap potty just to have it in the bathroom. No big fuss, my intention was for it to sit next to our toilet, silent, and unassuming; and if she looked interested, I would start some word associations like this is your potty, look! mommy is going potty! things like that. ...more

Things I Wish Someone Would Invent

1. A car seat for big girls (me) that has an invisible potty underneath or on the inside. I would NOT like to hear, see, touch or smell the pee pee, but I WOULD like a way to rid myself of it on my drive home without having to stop at a dirty ass gas station overflowing with dirty ass truckers that think I think it’s attractive when they talk to my chest . No one seems to notice or care that it (my chest) doesn’t talk back. ...more