Does Preschool Frown On 4 Year Olds Who Curse Like Sailors?

My daughter turned four last week but has been speaking like a thirty-five year old since she was two.  She is full of ‘IT’, whatever ‘it’ is, and she knows it.She walked pretty early, she talked very early, and she rolled over early.  The only thing she didn’t do early was potty train, and that was mostly because I was unmotivated and not averse to changing poop diapers.  Anything she does pretty much makes her brother look like an uncoordinated, giggling potato, because she is an advanced know-it-all, and he is, well, kind of a potato....more

Oh, Fudge!

Well, it finally happened. One of my kids used a curse word and I know full well where they got it from. First of all, it might surprise you to know that it wasn't Colin, it was Maddie. She didn’t learn it from her dad, she learned it from me....more

My GPS Device Is A Whore

I am infamous for my potty mouth while driving - something I'm not particularly proud of and have really made an effort to clean up over the past few years.  When my daughter was ten, I took her and her best friend on a road trip from Texas to Florida. By the end of the trip they had nicknamed me Sharon Osbourne...not a compliment and I'm pretty sure the mom of the other ten-year-old was not real impressed....more